Bannerlord Stop Conspiracy Quest

Stop conspiracy is one of the quests in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. In it, you discover someone is plotting against you, and you need to discover who it is before the time is out. It may seem pretty straightforward, but a lot of people are having trouble with this quest due to bugs. If you’re wondering how to complete it or how to avoid those gamebreaking bugs, then keep reading our Bannerlord stop conspiracy quest guide.

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bannerlord stop conspiracy quest
Bannerlord Stop Conspiracy Quest

Stop conspiracy quest bug

The stop conspiracy quest is part of the main story, and it seems like it is tied to Istiana’s plan, but it doesn’t have to be. What’s certain is that there are certain bugs that players who’ve mentioned this quest always experience. We’ve heard mentions of people instantly failing the quest, as soon as they obtain it, then being penalized for not completing it. Others say it just stays there in their log, with no apparent way to complete it, and keeps resetting every few weeks.

The thing about the stop conspiracy quest is that it’s not complete, as in, not yet in the game. At least not fully. The admin of the game’s forums said as much – they’re still working on it. So it’s not you, it’s not a random bug that happens only to some – it’s a ubiquitous issue that is going to be fixed in time.

It’s nasty, yes, but there is a way around it. Since you can’t get past this point of the main story, there’s no reason to progress as much, or at all. Simply avoid playing the main story and enjoy the game as Mount & Blade should be enjoyed – by exploring the land, becoming a trader, pledging alleigance to a lord or leading a band of looters and cutthroats. Just stay away from the story.



  1. E

    If i didn’t want some kind of new story line i would still be playing the original. this does not seem like a good resolve

    1. V

      @EmpDave, it’s in early access, if you wanted a finished game you should’ve bothered reading before buying.

      1. L
        Lukas Benke

        Calm down, he said that this is not a good resolve, he didn’t insult the devs.

        Talk about overreacting…

        1. L
          lUkAs bEnKe

          Imagine typing out such blatant projecting and then hitting “Post Comment”. lol you little bitch

          1. T

            this guy is such a tool. did you just call a guy a bitch from a key board?
            I remember the good ol days of just punching a guy now this.
            sad that you think this is a better reaction. to his “over reaction” when the fact remains
            he was right if you wan ta finished game then dont buy an early access.
            easy as that sir good day.

          2. E
            eKnEb sAkUl

            imagine making a new account because you’re too much of a pussy and have to hide behind a parodied name, and then hitting ‘Post Comment’. I think its clear who the real bitch is. Someone has to be, since there’s no females in your life, certainly.

      2. D

        *an “early access” after 8 yrs of dev time

  2. G

    “Avoid playing the main story” like I already knew about this quest. Now I have all the empires attacking me at once

    1. J

      It costs a few thousand to get peace. Find a general and don’t select fight in the dialogue, you can pay for peace.

      1. E

        what exactly do you concider a few thousand? i had to pay of southern empire, i have one puny castle in the middle of theire realm, wich now ofc is mostly the entire empire part of the map cus they allready knocked out west and north. anyway, youre few thousands was 59k for me, out of my 110k. so i cant keep that up if its reocurring every other ingame week

        1. A

          Find a lord you outnumber. The more scared they are of you, the cheaper it will be (from what i have experienced). Tried to pay for peace when i had like 50 troops and the other one had 100+ and he wanted 70k+. I then farmed up about 150k cash, found this dude with 20 people in his army while i had 70-80 and he gave me the price of 225 denars.

        2. B

          Convince a bunch of lords to join your kingdom, if your can field more armies you probably win.

  3. B

    I’m just playing up to that point and doing what I can lol. O big deal. Already have 40 hours in…

  4. J

    i pay 60k every time to make peace after seiging a town or castle, its not bad when u make 15k+- per day. im like oopsie doosies sorry bout that here take some moneys,

  5. A

    yep thought it was they all attack each of there family members heads a small been wipeing there familys out..
    probably not in the spirit of the game but hitting them with 300+ high ranking archers ( cav a wast of time ) arches hit them with arrows ect draw there swords and wipe out a 1000 army .
    took 3 days to recruit 1,400 merc there in the garrisons ..if you attack there citys they come at you in 200 at a time

    lazy days

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