Green, Red, Blue Gem Locations - Clock Tower Monument Puzzle in RE3

Resident Evil 3 Green, Red, and Blue Jewel are items that you have to put into the Clock Tower Commemorative Monument in the Subway Entrance Downtown to get valuable items. Placing the jewels in the Clock Tower monument is easy; however, figuring out where to find the jewels is a whole different matter. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt, almost. So, in our Green, Red, Blue Jewel Locations – Clock Tower Monument Puzzle in RE3 guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Jewels, as well as how to solve the Clock Tower Monument puzzle.

Green Red Blue Jewel Locations Clock Tower Monument Puzzle in RE3
Green, Red, Blue Jewel Locations – Clock Tower Monument Puzzle in RE3

Red Jewel Location in Resident Evil 3 Remake – Clock Tower Monument Commemoration Puzzle

To find the Red Jewel location in the Resident Evil 3 Remake for the Clock Tower Monument Commemoration puzzle, you have to go into the Downtown area, and into the Moon’s Donuts shop. From the front door, head all the way to the right and into the kitchen. The kitchen door is to the right of the locker. Inside the kitchen, you’ll find a safe room with a typewriter, a storage container, and a green herb. Most importantly, there’s a Fancy Box in there. Take it and examine it from the inventory. Rotate the box so that you can open it, and do just that. You now have the Red Jewel.

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Where to Find RE3 Remake Green Jewel for Clock Tower Commemoration Puzzle?

To find the Green Jewel in the remake of Resident Evil 3, you’ll have to go into the Toy Uncle shop in the Downtown area. It’s opposite of Moon’s Donuts, and across the street. Be very careful in this area, since it’s crawling with zombies, and even Nemesis might come and pay you a visit. Also, you’re going to need a lockpick to enter Toy Uncle in the first place (more info on that in our RE3 Lockpick Location guide). Once you have a lockpick, use it to enter the toy store. Look at the small display immediately to your left to spot another Fancy Box. Open it to get the Green Jewel.

RE3 Blue Gem – Clock Tower Commemoration Monument Puzzle?

To get the Blue Jewel in the remake of RE3, you first need to find the bolt cutters. Once you have them, head across the street from Toy Uncle. You’ll find a supermarket there that’s chained shut. So, naturally, what you have to do is use the bolt cutters to get rid of the chain. Open the doors to the supermarket, and the Fancy Box will be right in front of you, on the counter. Pick it up and, once again, examine it from your inventory, press X to open it, and grab the Blue Jewel. If you’ve followed our guide, you’ll now have all three Jewels.

How to Use Blue, Red, Green Jewel in RE3 Remake?

To use the Blue, Red and Green Jewel in the Resident Evil 3 Remake, you have to go into the Subway Entrance in the south of the Downtown area. You can recognize the entrance by the huge, yellow “HERE!” and arrow spray-painted on the doorway. Approach the clock tower commemorative monument, and put in all three jewels. There’s a container to the right, so you can easily retrieve them from storage. One jewel gives you a hand grenade, two a Tactical Stock for the Shotgun, and three grants a Hip Pouch, aka two new inventory slots. So, yeah, this puzzle is worth the effort.

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