How to Equip Tattoos & Accessories in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 tattoos & accessories are used to customize your MyPlayer character. You can have as many tattoos as you want, placed on any part of your body.
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The system allows you to piece together different parts and create unique body paint for your player. As for accessories, they include shoes, headbands, shooting sleeves and more. Getting them can be a problem, and applying them involves a lot of fiddling with menus. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to equip accessories & tattoos in NBA 2K17.

How to get tattoos

The only way to get tattoos is by buying them from the in-game store with Virtual Currency. You can get VC by playing the game (you’re awarded a certain amount after each game), or by spending real money. When you’ve got some to spare, go to the 2K Store from the main menu, jump to the Everything Else category and pick your favorite. You can choose between the following Tattoos – NBA, Black & Gray, Letters and Color.

How to apply tattoos to your MyPlayer

When you wish to start customizing your body paint, go to MyPlayer Appearance, then select player customization. Choose Tattoos, then select the design you like and apply it to the part of your player’s body you’d like to paint.

How to flip Tattoo?

Once you purchase the tattoo and place it on your player, you can move, scale, or flip tattoo. In order to flip your tattoo you have to unlock “Lock Ration” on the x-axis.

flip tattoo nba 2k17

How to get accessories in NBA 2K17

Aside from buying them from the 2K Store (like with tattoos), you can also get accessories as rewards for doing different activities on your off days. You can also sometimes get shoes from endorsements. Also, if you’ve preordered the deluxe edition of the game, you should have gotten a bunch of shoes.

How to change accessories

Go to the 2K store and choose accessories. Simply cycle through the ones you’ve already got and equip the ones you’d like to wear.



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    I can’t find glasses in the accessories menu, is it normal?

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    Do you need Xbox live to access 2kstore because I can’t find it on the game.

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    I cant find the 2k store on the option menu

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      Yeah mine too. Does anyone know how to get tattoos when it says uploading but it won’t actually upload?

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    I don’t have VC. Can you but it with points. If not, how do you get VC.

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    im from UAE i cannot find my my 2k store in my NBA 2k17.. please anyone will help me ?

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    How do i do this offline

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    The only possible way for you to get tattoos is to buy them with Virtual Currency (VC) from the store in NBA 2K17. Well if you plan to buy a lot of accessories and tattoos then you have to earn a large amount of VC which can be a time consuming process. You can check out our How to Earn VC Fast in NBA 2K17 guide for more information. When you have some VC in your account then go to 2K Store in main menu of the game. In the store click on Everything Else tab and you can select one of the tattoos category. There are following Tattoo categories; Black Grey, Color, Letters, and NBA.

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