NBA2K17 Copying game is stuck error

NBA 2K17 launched worldwide a couple of hours ago, but some of us haven’t been able to start playing yet. A lot of players are reporting that on their PS4 systems they have a Copying Game screen that takes forever to finish. People are getting stuck at various percentages and it is taking forever for the percentage counter to move by one.

If you are one of the unlucky ones having this issue prevent you from playing the game, you are not alone. The game is about 59GB and even if you pre-downloaded it it seems to be re-downloading a lot of content. There also seems to be a day 1 patch being added to the process. We reached out to 2K for comment and support, but haven’t heard back from them yet. Seems their support system is also “experiencing a high volume of tickets, which means reply times may be longer than initially expected.”.

Update: 2K support gave us the following info and I guess we should all be patient since the game is huge:
It should be noted that the download speeds are expected to be slower in this immediate post-release time frame due to the incredibly high volume of traffic and downloads currently using the 2K servers.

However, that isn’t the only thing that can affect the speeds. There are things you could do that may significantly expedite the process. Putting your PS4 in rest mode will divert all of it’s attention towards your download. You could also connect your PS4 directly to your modem for a higher, more consistent download speed.
For now the only thing you can do is wait it out. Some users report only a 2GB patch is being downloaded for them, while others have 51GB downloads being done. We have a good internet connection (100MBit download speed) and the patch seems to be going like we have a 1MB connection – so it is not up to your internet speed, it is most likely that 2K servers are just overloaded at this point and their bandwidth is spent from all the players trying to play the game ASAP.

nba2k17 copying game stuck We’ll keep you updated with any new information we come across about the Copying game problem during NBA2K17 installation.

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  1. D

    This makes me want my money back.

    1. R
      Ronald Turner

      This is a Damn shame. I paid $60 for this game 24hrs ago and still nothing. Stuck at 31%. I’m looking into suing Sony

  2. R

    Ive been having the copying problem since last nite. Deleted and left 2 reinstall in safe mode 5am. Now at 12pm. The game is still copying and errors to close app and remove disc keeps popping up. Very frustrating because all my boys are playing. And I cant keep the app open 2 finish the copying. Smdh

  3. A

    If that’s the fuckin case shit with all that damn money there making they need to invest in better fucking servers

  4. T

    Mine has been in copy mode for 24hrs…at 84% for about an hour now….why so slow. 2k should give bonuses when everything is up and running

  5. C

    When I woke up this morning I went 2k17 and started copying download I left it on when I came back from school still didnt finsh went to the football game left it on still didnt finish what is wrong with it

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Their servers are overloaded so you download from them is very slow. Also, you need a good internet connection. For me, on PC, it took 2 hours to download at 80MBit download. If you have like 10Mbit download it would take eight times longer.

  6. D

    Got to 50% nice and quickly and have been stuck there for over 24 hours now…

  7. T

    I am stuck in the 2KU tutorial screen I can’t seem to get pass that in order to play, and yes it is taking over 24 hours to install smh.

  8. M
    Mack baller

    Man 2k y’all really need to give us some type of bonus, free vc, free cards, or something. I paid $99 for this game and I haven’t been able to play it yet. Smh I’ll probably never preorder another 2k game after this depressing experience.

  9. J

    We pre ordered the game and my son expected to have it the day it came out but it wasn’t delivered. I cancelled that and bought the download yesterday at 6am and it’s still in copy mode stuck on 35%. I would’ve been better off just waiting, this is not different. All his friends are playing and he’s so upset he can’t. Very disappointed!!!

  10. R

    Hmmm samen heren… Waiting all day, stil at 29%… At least im not the onley one… Thought i did something wrong…

  11. P

    Preorder it last week as soon as 12AM hit the day it dropped I started the download. 2 days later still stuck on copying game. Lol wow never again. I don’t even want to play it if I had the disk I would’ve sold it for a quick 70$

  12. R

    I tried to avoid the long lines so I can be the 1st to play 2k and look at this bull crap I been waiting since Thursday 9pm Cali time and I’m still not able to play at the park or my career I’m never going to download shit else from the ps store I rather get the hard copy.

    1. D

      I got the hard cover..socks cause it still takes a day to download

  13. J

    got the legend gold and have been waiting for 24 hours. stuck on 96%. DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  14. A

    This is an Absolute joke. When I pay 90€ for a game I expect to be able to at least play it.

  15. This is seriously pissing me off, I paid for this game 2 days ago and still can’t fucking play it. 2k doesn’t care about it’s players as long as they make money, we should be reciprocated in some way because all my friends are already playing and I haven’t even fucking made my guy yet.

  16. Yes we need some kind of reward for this cause ppl have paid a lot of money & still can’t play I’m stuck at 51% its been 24hrs already..

  17. J
    Julius J Moore

    Bought 2k Friday evening and immediately started downloading… is now Monday evening and I’m only at 33%….makes no sense we as consumers need to do make a stand for compensation,packs,credits or something…’s basically false advertising by saying we can play early when in reality the people who wait for the official release (tomorrow) will still end up playing before us…I’m almost 100% sure that it will not be finished downloading by 12pm tonight when a lot of people are gonna hit Walmart and purchase

  18. R
    Ryan Roos

    Bought hard copy of game…. same issues. Gets stuck at copying game… claims disc is bad/dirty. Very frustrating!

    1. L

      Me to. I thought I was the only one with that problem

      1. F

        I have the same problem here.

    2. J

      I know this is very long into the future, I’m experiencing the same problems ,just got the game, were you able to find a fix???

  19. D

    Started downloading monday its Wednesday copying jus now at 25% feel like i wont ever get to play the game anybody figured a solution yet

    1. A

      Same f*cking problem now I’m July!!!!

  20. S

    Waiting almost 24 hours now stuck at 60%. Ugh how much longer

  21. B

    I’ve been copying the game now for over 36 hours I’m never EVER buying another 2k game again. On the other hand has anyone found a faster way to get the download going? Stuck at 93% like what garbage.

  22. D

    Mines stuck at 18%. Was havin a read disc problem that only occurs with this disc which I just bought today

    1. G

      I am currently having the same problem just different % did you ever figure it out?

      1. I

        Hey man, I’m having this problem too, stuck at 50% and don’t know what to do, did yours eventually fix itself? If so what did you do? Thanks

  23. N
    Neil Sherwood

    Mine was taking forever to load and my friend came over and said did you try shutting it down and restarting it. So I did and then loaded up instantly and we played boo yeah

  24. L

    53% is 2k17 favorite number. I restarted the game and it stop at 53 again. I paid money for this game and it won’t even download. I been waiting for weeks to get this and this is what I get a game that doesn’t load for people. So disappointed

  25. D
    Daniel Cutting

    i just got it and it did the patch 1.04 and it says copying game 50% and it hasnt moved in hours why?

    1. R
      Roy Janssen

      I have the same issue as you do, i have bought the game brand new, and it started installing, and stopped at 47,48, and 50% doesnt ever get past 50% it also says that the disk is unreadable and it makes wierd noises

      1. C

        same here wtf!

  26. E

    I have been stuck on 28℅ for over 6 hours

    1. T

      Were you able to fix it I have the disc and I’ve been stuck at 30%

    2. J

      can i borrow the disc 7 in nba2k 17 please?
      because disc 7 is not working

  27. M
    Mad gamer

    My 2k was on 99% for 2 hours and I put my PS4 on rest mode and then it was on 40% and has been or 5 days now

  28. I
    Isaiah Gulley

    Just bought the game and I can’t play it because I’m stuck at 40%.I tired restarting my system to see if that was the problem but it wasn’t ?

  29. S

    Yo I have a method that worked for me every time your disk gets stuck copying at a certain percent or closes your app you wanna run your disk under water I honestly hope this helps I know this is frustrating I tried everything man

  30. D

    My 2k18 start to copy game or what not but when it gets to 91 percent my PlayStation shuts down and I have to start all over and it keeps doing the same thing over and over again

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