Nba 2k17 How To Stop CPU Off Ball Movement Shots

In this NBA 2k17 guide, we will help you prevent those deadly off ball movement shots made by the CPU opponent. Even when you play good physical on-ball defense, the CPU will occasionally make a perfect pass while your defenders are just standing frozen. This can be very annoying, and it can really be demoralizing for players. We experimented with some defensive settings in the game menu and the results are very positive. It’s not perfect, the CPU will still make great off ball movements, but at least your defender will be close by for you to react. And sometimes, if the off ball screen is perfect, there is nothing you can do.

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Nba 2k17 How To Stop CPU Off Ball Movement Shots

Keep in mind that this is based on our personal opinion and our experimentation. You can check the settings under the: Gameplan – Defensive settings. Here are some defensive settings we tried:

  • On-Ball Pressure set to tight(all). Most of the time you are playing the on-ball defense, but when you are not, your CPU will try to play tight on-ball defense.
  • Off-Ball Pressure set to deny(all). All defenders will stay very close to the players they are guarding. This means that if the CPU manages to drive towards the basket, you will have less probability to help your defense, since all the players will be spread much more widely. On-ball physical defense is the key in this scenario.
  • On-Ball Screen set to go over. This is always a good option, preventing an open shot from the ball handler if the pick is executed well.
  • Off Ball screen set to go over. This should prevent those open 3-point shots after a good off ball screen. Keep in mind that the CPU will continue to make those passes, but at least you will be there to react quickly with some defensive effort, therefore forcing a miss.
  • Post set to behind(all). In many situations, the opponent’s big men are constantly in front after a good off ball movement, and constantly converting some easy baskets in the paint. If we set this option, our CPU defender will try to stay behind the opposing big men. They will receive those deadly passes, but your defender will at least be ready to react.
  • Double team perimeter and double team post are set to manual(all). We want to decide when the double teams are executed, we don’t want the CPU to do it for us. This can also create some unwanted double teams that will leave your opponent open so we want this prevented.
  • Screen help rules and help rules set to No Help(all). When a CPU calls for a pick and roll, your first job is to manually go over the screen to prevent it. Because we set the option to no help, immediately switch to your teammate as soon as the screener tries to make a run for the basket or the 3-pt line. Even if he receives the pass, you will be there to defend the shot.
  • Also on coaching settings, set help defense to 0. Not sure how much impact this option has, but let’s keep it at 0 just in case.
  • This whole preset is based on good physical defense. You will see that your CPU defenders are, in most cases, trying to stop the off ball opportunities. The only flaw is that if you lose that 1 on 1 battle in defense, you are most likely going to receive a basket, since there will be no one to help the defense.
  • Try out this preset and let us know what you think. Also, experiment with these setting for the best possible defensive tactics, depending on your gameplay style.
  • Have fun and happy holidays!
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