MyPark Rep Levels in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 MyPark Rep is the reputation of your character in MyPark mode. As it increases, you’ll gain new rep levels, going from Rookie to Pro, All-star, Supestar and Legend.
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Each rep rank will give you new benefits, and sometimes even a VC payout. To advance through the ranks, you simply have to play the game a lot. In this guide, we’re going to show you all MyPark rep levels in NBA 2K17, what they unlock.

nba 2k17 mypark reputation levels

NBA 2K17 MyPark Reputation

Rookie 1None
Rookie 2100 VC
Rookie 3200 VC
Rookie 4300VC
Access to MyPark events
Rookie 5400 VC
Free Jumbo Park Card Pack starter pack
Pro 1500 VC
Level 1 Post-game celebrations
Pro 21000VC
Level 1 Signature introductions
Level 2 Post-game celebrations
Pro 31500 VC
Travel to rival parks
Level 1 Squad introductions
Level 1 Signature walks
Level 1 Flashy pass packages
Level 3 Post-game celebrations
Pro 42000 VC
Level 1 After basket flops
Level 1 Signature jogs
Level 1 Park dunk packages
Level 2 Signature Introductions
Level 4 Post-game celebrations
Pro 52500VC
Level 1 Stand emotes
Level 2 Signature walks
Level 2 Flashy pass packages
Level 5 Post-game celebrations
All-star 1Level 1 Contact dunk packages
Lvel 2 Signature jogs
Level 2 Park dunk packages
Level 3 Signature introductions
Level 6 Post-game celebrations
All-star 2Level 1 Jumpshot celebrations
Level 2 After basket flops
Level 2 Stand emotes
Level 2 Contact dunk packages
Level 3 Signature walks
Level 3 Flashy pass packages
Level 7 Post-game celebrations
All-star 3Double Alley-oops ability
Level 1 Score celebrations
Level 1 Alley-oop dunk packages
Level 2 Jumpshot celebrations
Level 3 Signature jogs
Level 3 Park dunk packages
Level 4 Signature introductions
Level 8 Post-game celebrations
All-star 4Level 2 Score celebrations
Level 3 Squad introductions
Level 3 Contact dunk packages
Level 3 Jumpshot celebrations
Level 3 Stand emotes
Level 4 Signature walks
Level 4 Flashy pass packages
Level 9 Post-game celebrations
All-star 5Level 2 Alley-oop dunk packages
Level 3 After basket flops
Level 3 Score celebrations
Level 4 Signature jogs
Level 4 Contact dunk packages
Level 4 Jumpshot celebrations
Level 5 Signature introductions
Level 10 Post-game celebrations
Superstar 1Go shirtless
2 Player upgrades
Level 4 Stand emotes
Level 4 Park dunk packages
Level 5 Signature walks
Level 5 Flashy pass packages
Level 5 Jumpshot celebrations
Level 11 Post-game celebrations
Superstar 2Level 3 Alley-oop dunk packages
Level 4 Score celebrations
Level 5 Signature jogs
Level 5 Park dunk packages
Level 6 Signature introductions
Level 6 Signature walks
Level 6 Jumpshot celebrations
Level 12 Post-game celebrations
Superstar 3Play as mascots
3 Player upgrades
Level 5 Stand emotes
Level 5 Score celebrations
Level 6 Flashy pass packages
Level 7 Signature walks
Level 13 Post-game celebrations
Superstar 4Skateboards
Level 6 Signature jogs
Level 6 Park dunk packages
Level 6 Score celebrations
Level 7 Signature introductions
Level 8 Signature walks
Level 14 Post-game celebrations
Superstar 5Take flight
5 Player upgrades
Got next VIP
Level 7 Flashy pass packages
Level 7 Park dunk packages
Level 9 Signature walks
Level 15 Post-game celebrations
Legend500 000 VC
Be immortalized in 2K18
Legend walks unlocked

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