NBA 2K eLeague coming in 2018

NBA 2K eLeague will be the first official eSports league, in cooperation with the official NBA teams. The five-person teams will represent each of the official 30 NBA teams. NBA and Take-Two Interactive are taking huge steps into making NBA 2K a major eSport game.

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NBA 2K eLeague coming in 2018
NBA 2k17 – Kevin Durant

Competition and the schedule will be the same as the regular NBA season. At the end of the season, the best teams will be going to the playoffs. Ultimately, the NBA champion will receive the championship rings. You can check the official ESPN video announcement with NBA commissioner Adam Silver and CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software Strauss Zelnick HERE.

As stated, there will be a draft at the beginning, with a pool of different players from around the world. It will basically be a full-paid job for a good NBA 2K players, and everyone can participate. Players will create their own avatars and get drafted by the NBA teams.

Teams will have to take many things into consideration. Other than the individual player’s skill, the selected position, height and build will have a big role. Just like in real life, the free agents pool will constantly be active, due to consistent bad individual performances or even injuries. The whole league will search for the best and most skilled players all around the world to fill up their roster, and make their team champions. Initially, one season should last 5 months.

Official team’s names will be changed slightly, as stated by Adam Silver. Instead of Mavericks, the team will be called eMavericks and so on. Maybe we can also expect the whole all-star weekend, with the All-star game, 3 point shootout, dunk competition and skills challenge. Additionally, it would be very interesting to see trading options between the teams, or even the draft picks at the beginning of a new season.

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