Nioh Hair & Beard Customization - How to Unlock Barbershop

Hair and beard customization is present in Nioh. You can switch between four different starting hair and beard styles. This option is not available from the start, and you’ll need to unlock it. Senji Tome is not your typical blacksmith, as she can also unlock this option for us.

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Tip: You can hide the helmet at the options menu. This way you let your hair enjoy in the wind breeze, while still basking the benefits from the helm armor piece.

Patronage Level & Points

To unlock the barbershop menu for hair and beard customization, head to the Region menu. From there, check the Starting Point and Blacksmith menu. Open the dialogue menu (triangle on your controller). This will offer different conversation options. One of them should be the option “I have a request for Tome”. This specific one opens the Patronage Level customization. One of them is: “Unlock Barber Menu”. If you have at least one Patronage level, you can invest it here to unlock the Barbershop. The level one Barbershop offers four different hair and beard styles. Investing more points here, will offer a starting 8% gold price discount per customization.

The Patronage points are earned through interaction with the blacksmith Senji Tome. If you buy stuff from her, go through the dialog options while keeping the positive conversation outcomes and more, you’ll get enough Patronage Points. For example, buying two books of reincarnation for 40 000 gold will get you one Prestige Point.

Note: If you don’t have the option “I have a request for Tome” open, you need to go through the “Speak to Tome” conversation first. She will ask you some things and you can reply. Now leave the conversation window and go into it once again. This time she will have the Prestige Level unlocked.

Hair Customizaion

Once you’ve unlocked the barbershop, head to the blacksmith main menu and the unlocked Hair option. Now you can change Hairstyle and Beard. The default one is Ponytail, since it is the one you start with. The three new ones are:

  • Samurai Knot – Just like the Ponytail one, but the back of it is lowered a bit.
  • Pirate Bun – Back is short, top has a small tail, rather cool one.
  • Wakajashi – Short hair.

Hairstyles Customization Nioh
Hairstyles Customization in Nioh

Beard Customization

To change either Hairstyle or Beard, you’ll need to pay 1 000 gold as the default starting price. The starting William beard style is called Sailor Cut. The three others are:

  • Five O’clock Shadow – Goatee style.
  • Jurojin – Full beard, lots of facial hair.
  • Youthful Look – Shaved beard.

Nioh Beards Customization
Beards Customization in Nioh
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