New Moments Challenge in NBA 2k17 Jimmy Butler

NBA 2K17 has released a brand new moments challenge in MyTeam game mode. You need to score 52 points with any version of Jimmy Butler and win the game. Also, you’ll have to have at least two players from Chicago Bulls. The reward will be 9000 MT .

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New Moments Challenge in NBA 2k17 Jimmy Butler

Here are the different versions of Jimmy Butler’s cards that you can use:

  • Emerald Jimmy Butler – 80 rating overall, with C grade for mid-range scoring and D for 3-pt scoring. This is the cheapest version available, and it could be very hard to complete the challenge with this card since you can only rely on your athleticism.
  • Saphire – 85 rating with slightly better 3-pt shooting grade and mid-range scoring. It’s not much more expensive than the emerald version.
  • Ruby – 89 rating and it comes with A-grade for inside and mid-range shooting. 3-pt shooting is set to C, so you should focus on your mid-range game and layups.
  • Amethyst – Amazing card, with 91 overall rating. Even the 3-pt shooting is set to B+. If you have this card in your possession, this challenge should not be a problem. Also, it’s very expensive in the auction house.
  • Diamond – 93 rating with A+ for mid-range shooting and A+ for perimeter defense.

If you don’t have two Chicago Bulls players, head to the auction house and search for the cheapest players on the market. After you have completed the challenge, you can sell them back for other players to use. Check the search options in the auction house, where you can filter your search options for the best results available at the moment.

Consider equipping your Jimmy Butler with some shoes for additional boosts, making this challenge a bit easier. You can also rely on his great perimeter defense; intercept passes in the passing lane for some easy fast break points.

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