NBA 2K18 Badges - How to unlock

Badges are player titles in NBA 2K18. You probably know them from previous games – they work pretty much the same. In order to make use of a badge and the bonus it offers, you’ll first need to unlock it. In most cases, you’ll do this by performing a certain action enough times. Sadly, the game doesn’t tell you exactly what you need to do, or how many times you need to do it (it can be anywhere between 10 and 300 times). That’s why we’ve decided to make this here NBA 2K18 badges guide, to help you unlock everything you want.

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nba 2k18 badges guide
NBA 2K18 Badges – How to unlock

You’ll earn some progress when playing games, but you can also grind it in training. When you start training, pick a badge you want to work towards, and the game will show you all the drills that will help you get there.

Playmaking Badges

As the name implies, these are the badges locked behind playmaking actions. There’s only a few of them, but they some of the hardest to unlock.

Ankle Breaker – Perform 200 dribble-assist combos. Use the right stick to do a dribble combo, then follow it up with an assist.
Dimer – Rack up 300 assists in a season.
Flashy Passer – Perform 50 flashy passes in a season.
Break Starter – Perform an outlet pass after a defensive rebound 50 times.
Lob City Passer – Do 50 alley-oops in a season.
Pick & Roll Maestro – Use pick & roll to call for 150 screens in a single season.

Inside Scoring Badges

Acrobat – Do 5 change-shot layups and 15 reverse layups in one season.
Drop Stepper – Attempt 30 drop steps in a season.
Putback King – Score 50 times after offensive rebounds.
Dream-like Up and Under – Attempt 50 up and under shots out of the post in a season.
Pick & Roller – Score 100 times as the roller.
Tear Dropper – Perform 50 floaters or tear drops in a season.
Post Spin Technician – Perform 100 post spins or drives in one season.
Relentless Finisher – Perform 75 contact layups in a season.

Outside Scoring Badges

Corner Specialist – Hit 25 three-point shots from a corner.
Mid-range Deadeye – Score 200 heavily contested medium range shots.
Deep-range Deadeye – Score 100 heavily contested deep range shots.
Limitless Range – Hit 50 threes from behind the line.
Difficult Shots – Achieve 150 contested hop shots, step backs, dribble pull ups and leaners combined.
Pick and Popper – Hit 200 shots as the popper.
Tireless Scorer – Attempt 200 shots while you’re exhausted.
Catch and Shoot – Attempt 100 shots after catching the ball.

Defensive Badges

This set of badges is gained by performing defensive actions, like charges, blocks and screens.

Charge Card – Perform 7 charges in a season.
Pick Dodger – Run through a certain amount of screens.
Chase Down Artist – Do 7 chasedown blocks in a season.
Rim Protector – Perform 80 blocks in a season.
Defensive Stopper – Get 150+ good shot contest on opponent’s shot, and stop the opposing team’s fastbreak 25+ times, all in one season.
Pick Pocket – Poke the ball from another player 50 times in a season.

Rebounding Badge

Hustle Rebounder – Do 600 rebounds, at least 150 of them in offense.

Athletic Badges

One Man Fast Break – Achieve 75 fast breaks in a single season.
Posterizer – Attempt 15 contact dunks in a season.
Brick Wall – Set 100 good screens in a season.
Bruiser – Set pick & rolls and make the defender push you.
Lob City Finisher – Perform 15 alley-oops in a season.

Personality Badges

If you’re looking only to improve your player’s skills, you can skip these. They won’t make you better at basketball, but they will affect the mood of your player, his animation set and such.

Alpha Dog – Be the highest rated player in 20 consecutive games.
All Time Great – Have more field goal attempts than assists (from 4:1 to 8:1, depending on position) in 15 consecutive games.
Championship DNA – Win an NBA Championship.
Reserved – In scenes where you get to choose your answer, go for the ones that make you seem uncertain.
Spark Plug – Get an average of 7 points after coming off the bench in 6 consecutive games.
Clutch Performer – Shoot over 40% in the final minutes of a game.
Defensive Anchor – Get Defender up to lvl 18, play 30 or more games.
Enforcer – Get 10 hard fouls in one season.
Legendary Work Ethic – When you get the scene where you’re asked to shoot some more before a game, accept the offer.
Low Ego – Have only a little more field goal attempts than assists (less than 2:1 is ideal) in 15 consecutive games.
Keep It Real – Seems to be randomly obtained when advancing in MyGM/MyLeague.
Laid Back – Chose relaxed answers in cutscenes.
Friendly – Choose positive answers in cutscenes.
Hardened – Have stamina and durability 90, get an average of 80% playtime over 20 consecutive games.
High Work Ethic – Stay in practice the longest.
Pat My Back – Improve your performance in the five games after a motivational speech.
Mircowave – Achieve hotness (2 red rings) in 10 consecutive games.
Expressive – Celebrate every time you get the chance.
Floor General – Get Playmaker discipline to lvl 18, get a 5 assist average over 30 or more games.
Unpredictable – Earn either the Laid Back or the Expressive badge first, then start answering in the opposite way.
Wildcard – Try to be as inconsistent as possible with your stats in MyCareer.

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