Destiny 2 Royal Pools Leviathan Raid

Destiny 2 Royal Pools is one of the trials in the Leviathan Raid. It involves a lot of communication and precise coordination to beat. You’ll have to stand on pressure plates, collect buffs, and rotate positions, all the while killing enemies. To make things easier, we’ve made this guide on how to beat Royal Pools in Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid and the best strategy. Check out our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide for instructions on the rest of the trials.

Destiny 2 Royal Pools Leviathan Raid
Destiny 2 Royal Pools Leviathan Raid

How to Beat Poison Royal Pools Trial in Leviathan Raid?

The first thing you need to do is to split up into two teams of three Guardians. We’ll also divide the room into halves. There are four pressure plates that you’ll need to stand on that will lower four chains, two on each side of the room. The aim is to get the gray, stone bit of the chains all the way down. Each one of these pressure plates has a Psionic Protection buff that will keep you from poison damage for fifty seconds. There’s also one in the middle that constantly replenishes.

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Now that we have the overall picture, here’s our Leviathan Raid Royal Pools Bathers Strategy. Four players stand on pressure plates and collect the buff. Two players are free floaters, one on either side of the room. A Ceremonial Bather will emerge from the hole with the huge chain, so take him down together, as well as the other enemies.

Now, here’s the bit that can be tough, and you’ll need really good coordination. Your goal is to get all four chains all the way down. As your Psionic Protection starts to run out, all three players on one side of the room have to switch positions, and here’s how. The free roamer grabs the buff from the center and runs, say, to the bottom left. The Guardian from the bottom left runs to the middle, grabs the buff, and goes to the upper left. The one from the upper left is now the free roamer. The right side of the room should do the same. This can be difficult to time, and will require some practice.

After all four chains go down, you’ll hear a sound like a chime. Enemies will start pouring out, and purple lantern-looking pods will appear. Designate two or three Guardians for crowd control, while the others direct fire towards the pods. Destroy as many as you can, ideally four or five. After this phase, Psions will show up, so kill them. Go back to the pressure plates and start over. Repeat until all pods are destroyed.

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