Destiny 2 Merciless Exotic Fusion Rifle

Merciless is an exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2. It’s a power weapon that’s great for situations where you have to deal a lot of damage to a single enemy as fast as possible. We suspect it’s going to be pretty popular once the raid goes live. You can get it as a random drop or from engrams, so you’ll have to grind a bit in order to obtain it. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything we know about Destiny 2 Merciless exotic weapon.

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destiny 2 merciless exotic fusion rifle
Destiny 2 Merciless Exotic Fusion Rifle

How to get Merciless exotic weapon?

You can get the Merciless from exotic engrams, or this weekend September 15-17, from Xur if you have 29 Legendary Shards. Your best bet are the heroic public events – the chest you get at the end has a reasonably high chance of having an exotic engram inside. In order to better your odds, you could use Fireteam Medallions. These can be bought from Tess Everis using bright dust, which is obtained by dismantling items from bright engrams.

Merciless perks & review

As for the weapon itself, it’s seems pretty overpowered, so we expect it to get nerfed in the near future. Its intrinsic perk is called Conserve Momentum, and it increases the weapon’s charge speed for every hit that doesn’t kill. It resets after you get a kill, but it’s enough to make bosses considerably easier. There’s also the fact you can fit 8 shots in the magazine, so you won’t have to reload too often. Impetus is a trait that gives you increased damage if you reload after a kill.

So in ideal conditions, you’d kill a random mob, reload, then start unloading on a boss. Each hit makes it fire faster and faster, while the damage buff is still in effect. Imagine a team of six, each armed with one of these. We can’t wait to see how it works out once the raid is online. It can be pretty tough to get, but we have no doubt the 300+ power level crowd will do what it takes. If you buy or get merciless, you’ll have a weapon that does incredible amount of damage on strike bosses. in this moment, this heavy weapon is the highest DPS weapon in Destiny 2.

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