Destiny 2 Smashes Sales and Concurrency Records

Did anyone except Destiny 2 to be anything other than a smash hit? Not me. Despite the lackluster reception of the first game, there was enough built up hype around the sequel to pretty much blow the competition out of the water.

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Destiny 2 Xur location September 15
Didn’t you know? Xur is in the house this weekend.

Bungie’s shared-world, multiplayer FPS has captured the imaginations of players worldwide. The games are set in the mythic science-fiction world, where players take on the role of Guardians, protecting Earth’s last city from attacks of various alien species.

Destiny was praised for its fun gameplay and panned for its poor story integration and phoned-in voice acting by some big (and expensive) names. While later expansions fixed that, you only get to make the first impression once. Destiny 2 promised to take lessons learned on the first game to heart and it seems they’ve managed to do that, of sales are anything to go buy.

According to Activision, Destiny 2 had the biggest launch week sales in 2018. Digital sales were a significant factor in the game’s success, beating the original Destiny’s sales. The game smashed through another record claiming the title of the most day one units sold ever on PlayStation store. Activision didn’t give any hard numbers that would confirm these lofty claims, but they do ring true.

Despite only being out for a short time, Destiny 2 already has a lot of raid and gameplay and weapon guides, showcasing the game’s complexity. This could be one of the reasons the players are so engaged in the game, honing their skills and looking for more info to improve their gameplay experience. According to Bungie, there were over 1.2 million people simultaneously playing Destiny 2 at launch.

Over one million players were playing the game concurrently for eight days in a row, breaking yet more records. This time, reaching the biggest number of week-one concurrent players for the franchise.

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