NBA 2K23 Accelerator Perk on Next Gen & Current Gen

Figuring out how to get the NBA 2K23 Accelerator Perk on next gen and current gen is kinda tricky. For one, the system is completely different depending on which version of the game you’re playing. On top of that, unlocking the Accelerator Perk on next gen is a beast in and of itself. Here’s what you need to do in each case.

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nba 2k23 accelerator perk on next gen & current gen
NBA 2K23 Accelerator Perk on Next Gen & Current Gen

How to Get Accelerator Perk on Next Gen in NBA 2K23

To get and unlock the Accelerator Perk in NBA 2k23 on next gen, you’re gonna have to appease the gods of RNG. As it turns out, you have to get lucky and get the Ricky Stat Challenge Y weekly quest. It’s very much like the Jackson Ellis challenges, more or less. Once you complete the challenge, you’ll get the Accelerator Perk. You may need to get Mamba Mentality in order to use it. If that is the case, check out our Mamba Mentality Unlock for Current Gen and Next Gen guide for further assistance.

So, yeah, that’s the sad reality. You can be playing the game for hours and hours without actually obtaining the perk you want. That’s only if you’re exceptionally unlucky, of course, but it can happen. As for how it works on current gen, we’ll, let’s get into it.

How to Unlock Accelerator Perk on Current Gen in NBA 2K23

To unlock and get the NBA 2K23 Accelerator Perk on the current gen version, you have to go through a similar set of hoops. In fact, you have one step less, technically. So, the first step is to unlock the Mamba Mentality special. As we’ve written in the guide linked above, the process here is different. First off, talk to Pippa at the Silver Deck Promenade and complete the “Onward and Upward!” quest you get from her. Next, train with Samuel in the Gatorade Training Facility. Then, talk to Tomas near the Trips and complete a one-on-one MyCourt game against Pippa to get obtain Mamba Mentality.

Now it’s time to talk to Sam, who should be on the Silver Deck. After you do two quests for him, you’ll get the mission called “Slaying Sam’s Smack Talk.” Once you complete it, you’ll finally get the Accelerator Perk.

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