Disney Dreamlight Valley Tomato Seeds Guide

How to get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley is something many players wonder about once they come to a certain part of the story. Knowing where to find Tomato Seeds is essential for quite a few quests and recipes in Disney’s Animal Crossing-like adventure. However, this seemingly simple task turns out not that straightforward at all. Despite being a requirement for some main story tasks, the game doesn’t tell you where can you acquire tomato pips. Luckily for you, we have all the info you need in our Disney Dreamlight Valley Tomato Seeds guide.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Tomato Seeds Guide
Where to get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Where To Find Tomato Seeds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To put it simply, you will not be able to complete the “With Great Power” quest without these seeds. This is the quest you’ll need to complete in order to free Ursula. You’ll need quite a lot of them, so learning how to farm them is essential if you want to make any progress. So, what do you need in order to get tomato pips?

First, you will need to fix Goofy’s broken stall. A sign with Scrooge McDuck on it will spawn. Click on it, and Scrooge will appear and fix it for free. However, now you need to upgrade this stall in order for Goofy to sell the seeds. And for this, Scrooge will not be so generous. Rather, he will ask for 2000 coins for it. Once you upgrade a Stall, Goofy will sell you Wheat and Tomato seeds, as well as other commodities. That’s by far the fastest way to farm the seeds in the game. A seed costs 8 coins, while a fully grown tomato will cost you 33 coins.

However, there’s also an alternative way to farm these seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can get Tomato Seeds in the Peaceful Meadow by removing Night Thrones and by breaking Rock. This method will cost you nothing, but you are limited to how much you can get with daily resets and cooldowns. With that said, now you know everything you need to know about Tomato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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