How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23

Not sure how to activate the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23? There are but a few things that can outmatch the thrill of dunking in the game of basketball, being in the real world or in a video game. The psychological boost provided by slamming the ball through the hoop while hanging dominantly above the enemy can easily turn the tide in any match. The Dunk Meter returns in NBA 2K23, however, it seems as if it is harder to use than before. If you don’t know how to get the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23, read our step-by-step guide below.

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How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23

How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23

The meter for dunking returns this year in NBA 2K23. The Meter works similarly to other “scales” in NBA 2K23, namely the Shot Meter. Once you start a movement, the meter will appear and you will need to correctly time your action (in this case dunk, alley-oop, or layup) so that it hit the green part of the gauge. It sounds easy enough on paper. However, it turns out that this year it’s harder to accomplish than ever before.

But, first things first. Let’s see what you need to do in order to activate the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23. Below you’ll find the correct sequence of buttons to press:

  • Hold down “Turbo” (the R2 or RT trigger)
  • Flick the right stick up while driving to the basket.
  • Flick down when the dunk animation starts, but you have to be extremely quick.
  • Flick down again in quick succession and hold it down.

And that’s it, you “only” need to do that. However, as you’ll soon learn, this combo is extremely skill-intensive, and you will need a lot of patience and practice until you master it. As one player called it, “it’s a Mortal Kombat combo”. Just give it time, and practice your muscle memory, reflexes and proper timing. Eventually, you will be able to activate the Dunk Meter almost any time you want. With that said, our guide on how to get the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23 is now completed. Good luck and have fun!

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