Level Up in Street NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, you have the option of taking your custom-made player all the way up to the top. From amateur to pro, it is a portrayal of what modern basketball players have to do if they want to make it big. Of course, one of these elements is corporate sponsorships. For a while now, the best sports players have been promoting services and products such as fashion brands and cars. And, of course, your player can, too. However, one of these deals, the Ruffles Endorsement Deal, requires that you level up your Street levels in NBA 2K23. If you don’t know how this is done, then read on, we’ve got you covered.

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Level Up in Street NBA 2K23
Level Up in Street NBA 2K23

How to Level Up in Street NBA 2K23

Street works in much the same way as Corporate and Free Spirit, as well as leveling up Flashy does in NBA 2K23. Meaning that, you need to perform activities that will help you earn Street points, which will then increase your Street Level in time. However, unlike these three that are increased via fashion items or by giving the appropriate answers during interviews, there’s really only one way to level up Street.

This is done through the “Devin Booker Challenge 22”. This daily quest has several objectives for you to do, and once you complete it, you will be awarded with +25 Street. Once you have accepted the quest, go to Moss Point Park to play there. Since this is the only way to do this, it can take a while until you have advanced this to a sufficient level. The Ruffles Endorsement Deal itself requires that you have 70.000 Fans, 4 Free Spirit Levels, and 6 Street Levels to be able to get it. So, just be patient and do this every day and you will get it eventually.

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