NBA 2K24 Badge Upgrade Slow Progress Explained

Badges are among the most important gameplay elements in NBA 2K24, especially for MyTeam and MyCareer. They are often the key ingredient that enables you to surpass your opponents. Because of this, you will want to earn as many Badges – and to progress the ones you have to the best upgrade level – as you possibly can. But the problem with this is that the badge upgrade progress has been slowed down significantly since the last game. Why is this happening and is there anything you can do about it? In our NBA 2K24 Badge Upgrade Slow Progress Explained guide, we are going to take a look at this issue.

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NBA 2K24 Badge Upgrade Slow Progress Explained
NBA 2K24 Badge Upgrade Slow Progress Explained

How to Get Badges in NBA 2K24

In order to get badges in NBA 2K24, you are going to need to meet the attribute ratings for that particular badge. So, for example, the Claymore Badge requires a 60 Three-Point Shot rating to get the Bronze version. And to upgrade it to Silver level, you will have to get this up to a 70 Three-Point Shot rating. And so on. Naturally, as Badge Upgrade Progress increases to higher levels, it is also going to slow down as well.

NBA 2K24 Badge Upgrade Slow Progression

Compared to how this worked in NBA 2K23, the NBA 2K24 badge progression has been so slowed down that you could very well think it’s not working at all. So why is this happening? Well, it’s simply down to the way that the game has been designed this time. The devs obviously want players to spend more time playing and grinding for their Badges, so the progression is a lot slower compared to 2K23. Of course, it’s always possible that this is going to be changed in a future update. And if you want to do this much faster, we recommend that you read about our Fastest Max Badges Method.

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