NBA 2K24 Takeovers, Takeover Badges & Icons

If you want to know where are NBA 2K24 Takeover Badges, you are not alone. The new yearly edition of the NBA video game is here, and it comes with a hefty amount of tweaks and changes. Among those changes is a new way of how NBA 2K24 Takeovers work. In this guide, we provide full list of changes and other details regarding the new Takeovers system in NBA 2K24.

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NBA 2K24 Takeovers, Takeover Badges & Icons

NBA 2K24 Takeovers Explained – Where are Badges?

So, you’ve started building your player in NBA 2K24 MyCareer, and suddenly, you see that something is missing. That something is Takeover Badges. Where are they? Does this mean that the takeover system is not present in the game? Worry not, as 2K didn’t remove them! However, the way they are implemented is now different. Please sit down and relax as we explain all the important changes.

As we said, Takeovers are still in the game. However, they are no longer a part of the MyPLAYER builder process. There are no Takeover Badges in NBA 2K24. Instead, you get to choose which takeover you want in real-time directly during a match. When you fill up the Takeover meter, there’s a menu which you can open. And you can choose one of the Takeover abilities from that menu. Upon activating an ability, it improves your player’s abilities in that category. The categories are:

  • Finishing
  • Shooting
  • Playmaking
  • Defense/Rebounding
  • Physicals

The general idea behind this new system is to offer players more flexibility but also to add more skill testing, as players will need to understand which ratings they need to boost in a specific situation. If you choose to wait with your Takeover activation and the meter fills in again, you can activate Double Takeover in NBA 2K24. This allows you to boost ratings in two categories from the list above. So there you have it: there are no NBA 2K24 Takeover Badges. This is now something you do directly in the game. And one finale note: make sure to set Takeover Icons On in the Game settings menu.

NBA 2K24 Takeover Icons

When your Takeover meter gets filled, a pop-up menu will present you five icons to choose from. These fine icons represent the following: X is Finishing, Square is Shooting, Triangle is Playmaking, L1 is Defense/Rebounding and R1 is Physicals. Choose one to boost your player’s abilities in that category. Or, you can wait for the bar to fill up again, and use it to activate Double Takeover.

NBA 2K24 Takeover Icons & Symbols
Choose: X is Finishing, Square is Shooting, Triangle is Playmaking, L1 is Defense/Rebounding and R1 is Physicals
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