NBA 2K24 Best Dribble Moves

If you want to know what the best dribble moves in NBA 2K24 are (at least in our opinion), you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will give you a list of the best move in each category, as well as what the requirements are. That way, you’ll know immediately whether the dribbles will work for your build. If not, feel free to substitute it with something else.

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nba 2k24 best dribble moves
NBA 2K24 Best Dribble Moves

Best Dribble Moves NBA 2K24

In the list below, we are going to show you what we consider to be the best dribble moves in NBA 2K24. Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on your build. Most of these have specific requirements, largely focused on ball handling and height. Then again, if you’re really tall, you’ll probably play center and won’t have much use for fancy dribbling anyway. With that said, here’s our list.

  • Pass Style – Ja Morant (requires height between 5’7 & 7’3 & 75 Pass Accuracy)
  • Dribble Style – Magic Johnson (requires Speed with Ball 75, height between 5’7 & 6’9)
  • Size Up – Pro (requires Ball Handle 70, height between 5’7 & 7’3)
  • Regular Breakdown Combo – Zach LaVine (requires Ball Handle 75, height under 6’10)
  • Aggressive Breakdown Combo – Micheal Jordan (requires Ball Handle 70, height under 6’10)
  • Escape Moves – Kobe Bryant (requires Ball Handle 88)
  • Combo Moves – De’Aanron Fox (requires Ball Handle 80, height under 6’10)
  • Crossover – Trae Young (requires Ball Handle 92, height under 6’10)
  • Pass Style – Jayson Tatum (requires Ball Handle 75)
  • Spin – Basic
  • Hesitation – Chris Paul (requires Ball Handle 85)
  • Stepback – Chris Paul (requires Ball Handle 85)
  • Triple Threat Style – Kobe Bryant

So, those are the best NBA 2K24 dribble moves in our opinion. Feel free to share your own preferences below. A lot of this is highly subjective, and depends on which moves you have unlocked, etc. If you have other stuff that you need help with, take a look at our other NBA 2K24 guides. We have articles like Shot Timing Visual Cue Best Speed Setting, How to Go Shirtless & Take Shirt Off, and many others.

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