NBA 2K24 Best Kevin Durant Build 6'10

In our NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant Build 6’10 guide, we are going to show you a build that emulates Durant for a character that’s 6’10”. It should also work for a 6’9″ character with a few tweaks here and there. The main thing is to get those dunks and shots and post control that Durant likes to do. Let’s jump in!

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nba 2k24 kevin durant build 6 10
NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant Build 6’10

Kevin Durant Build 6’10” in NBA 2K24

Before we get into the NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant 6’10” build, we do have to mention that this is not a secret build. In fact, we’re not entirely sure whether there even is a Kevin Durant secret build in the game at all. What we have here is a combo of stats and attributes that should give you access to all the shots and dunks and the like that Durant would use, as well as let you play from the post like he likes to do. A 6’9″ should work, too. With all that out of the way, here’s the build.

  • Custom Template
    • Position – Small Forward
    • Height – 6’10”
    • Weight – 210 lbs
    • Wingspan – 6’11”
  • Attributes
    • Close Shot 71
    • Driving Layup 80
    • Driving Dunk 80
    • Standing Dunk 45
    • Post Control 85
    • Mid-Range Shot 90
    • Three-Point Shot 85
    • Free Throw 74
    • Pass Accuracy 75
    • Ball Handle 76
    • Speed With Ball 70
    • Interior Defense 72
    • Perimeter Defense 71
    • Steal 72
    • Block 87
    • Offensive Rebound 74
    • Defensive Rebound 80
    • Speed 77
    • Acceleration 70
    • Strength 47
    • Vertical 75
    • Stamina 95

And there you go, that’s one possible Kevin Durant build in NBA 2K24. Huge props to Cinco Gaming on YouTube for coming up with it. Check his video out if you want a more detailed breakdown of the build and an explanation for each Attribute. As he points out, this build is mainly for the Park and the Rec, but you can use it elsewhere, too. And if you need help with something else in the game, check out our other NBA 2K24 guides, like Best Big Man Jumpshot Build, Takeovers, Takeover Badges & Icons, and Badge Upgrade Slow Progress Explained. I think you might find them useful.

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