New World Corrupted Rabbits Locations & Rewards

In our New World Corrupted Rabbits Locations and Rewards guide, we’re gonna be covering the Rabbits’ Revenge Easter event. It’s going to last for two weeks, so best to know what you’ll be dealing with. We will explain where you can find these new demonic hares, and we’ll list the rewards you obtain from hunting them down.

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new world corrupted rabbits locations & rewards
New World Corrupted Rabbits Locations & Rewards

New World Corrupted Rabbits Spawn Locations

The Corrupted Rabbits spawn locations in the New World Rabbits’ Revenge event are all over the place. You would think that they will have specific spawn points that you have to find, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather, all rabbits in the entire world have turned into hellspawns. Basically, the devs have just slapped a new skin and changed the drops. A little underwhelming, but what can you do? So, any grassy area in the game will be a good place to look. These include the entirety of the lower half of First Light, the entirety of Everfall, Brightwood, and Mourningdale, the east of Ebonscale Reach, and, of course, Rabbit Island, which is northeast of Restless Shore Town. They are truly all over the place.

New World Rabbits Revenge Rewards

The New World Rabbits’ Revenge mini-event rewards drop from Corrupted Rabbits when you find their locations, of course. There are three items that you can get, and they can be really valuable. They do have limitations on how many you can get a day, though, which makes sense. So, here’s a handy list of these items and what they do, according to the patch notes.

  • Defiled Rabbit’s Foot – when consumed, this enchanted consumable grants players extra luck for 40 minutes. Effect strength scales with player level. You can get up to five per day.
  • Diamond Gypsum – You use this item “to increase expertise for a type of gear” of your choosing. You can get up to three of these per day.
  • Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare – Very rare drop that offers “superior storage capacity” and an “intriguing Corruption visual effect” for your home. The limit is one per player.
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