New World Factions - Which Faction to Join

Factions in New World are the major powers vying for control of the world, and are a major part of the game. That being the case, people have a lot of questions about them, like which faction to join, how to join factions in the first place, the benefits of being in a faction, and how to change them. These are all matters that you’ll need to know about. That’s why we’ve put together our New World Factions – Which Faction to Join guide, so that you can have it all in one place.

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new world factions which faction to join
New World Factions – Which Faction to Join

Which Faction to Join in New World

Which faction you join in New World is entirely a matter of personal preference. There are three to choose from: Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. The goal of all three is to rule the entire map, of course, but they all use different methods. The Marauders use pure, brute military force to establish a world in which those with strength prosper. The Syndicate are more about wisdom, knowledge both scientific and arcane, and using secrets and intrigue to usher in a new age of enlightenment. Lastly, the Covenant are religious zealots on a quest to rid the world of all impurities.

With that said, no faction is technically “the best.” They only really differ in terms of cosmetic and special items that you get from each team, but you won’t really miss out much on any gameplay whoever you choose. So, there’s really three avenues – join the faction that your friends have chosen, or the one who controls the most territory (which differs from server to server), or just become a member of whichever group appeals to you the most.

How to Join New World Factions

To join a faction in New World, all you need to do is play though the beginning quests and reach a certain level. The game will then ask you to join a faction and tell you a bit more about them and how they work. So, if you’re just starting and are wondering why nobody asked you to join a faction, that’s why. Just be patient and prove your mettle through the beginning stages of New World. Soon enough, you’ll be important enough to receive your invitation to join a faction. And don’t worry, you can’t miss the option, and you shouldn’t refuse it.

New World Faction Benefits

There are several benefits you can get from factions in New World. For one, you can get Faction armor and other gear that compliments their overall aim and philosophy. For example, Marauders have armor with a skull helmet, Syndicate have stuff like a plague doctor outfit, Covenant have uniforms like witchfinder generals, etc. Then, there’s also the fact that you can get various discounts on stuff like fast travel, if you’re traveling within the territory of your faction. There’s also special missions that you can complete to earn XP, Coin, and Faction tokens (used to buy elite gear), town missions to upgrade settlements, and more.

How to Change New World Faction

To change your faction in New World, the first step is to open your character screen. Hit the “Bio” tab in the top left and, on this new screen, click the “Change Faction” button in the bottom left. Then, select the new faction and be on your way. However, there are some pretty severe limitations to this system, so let’s dive into that for a quick second.

When you first join a faction, you get one faction change for free, right of the bat. After that one freebie, you’ll have to wait 120 days before you can change factions again. So, that’s still a pretty lengthy commitment no matter what. Also, you can’t join a faction that’s controlling the most territory at the time. In other words, New World doesn’t let you join the currently winning team, which is a good move on the part of the developers.

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