ESO Essence of Death

Essence of Death in ESO is a special item that you have to get to complete the Witchmother’s Bargain Halloween event quest that Witchmother Olyve gives you. This step should actually be pretty simple, aside from the whole thing of having to defeat a boss for it. However, the issue is that there seems to be some kind of bug that’s preventing people for obtaining the necessary item. So, in our ESO Essence of Death guide, we’ll give you a few tips on how to get it.

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eso essence of death
ESO Essence of Death

How to Get Essence of Death in ESO

To get the Essence of Death in the ESO Witchmother’s Bargain Halloween quest, you need to beat a delve boss outside Cyrodiil. Delves are, of course, the many dungeons dotted around the map marked by torch icons on the map. There are tens of them that are outside Cyrodiil, so take your pick. Choose one that works the best for you, kill the boss, and pick up the Essence of Death. Take that along with the pumpkin and guts and report back to Witchmother Olyve in her brewery to progress the quest.

At least, that’s how things should work, but apparently, for a number of players, they don’t. The Essence of Death is supposed to be a guaranteed drop from a boss of a non-Cyrodiil delve, but it just isn’t happening for some people. If this glitch befalls you, you can try relogging into the game or just dropping the quest and picking it up again and trying over. There’s no guarantee that this will make an ESO Essence of Death drop for you, but it’s worth a shot.

Another thing that you can try is defeating a boss in one of your faction’s delves, or one of the simpler, more basic ones. People are reporting that the delves in Stonefall seem to work pretty well, so might as well try there. Either way, the event ends on November 2nd, so you have a fair amount of time to get Essence of Death. Just keep visiting delves and killing bosses, and you should get some eventually. Good luck.

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