How to Catch Snail - New World Baited Quest

You need to know how to catch a snail in the New World Baited quest, as well as how to catch a clam, but that’s a different matter. The trouble with fishing for snails is that you need the right snail bait and where to find snails in New World. It’s trickier than it might seem, but once you know the solution, it gets fairly easy. So, with all of that said, let’s dive in.

how to catch snail new world baited quest
How to Catch Snail – New World Baited Quest

How to Catch a Snail in Fresh Water – New World Baited Quest

To catch a snail in fresh water for the New World Baited quest, what you need to do first is get the appropriate bait, aka Woodlouse Bait. Basically, collect bushes around any forested area; every so often you’ll get a woodlouse from them. Best get a few spare ones, just in case. Next, consider getting a fishing pole that has Lucky Day II or Lucky Night II, depending on what time of day you’ll be fishing. It’s not necessary, but it will increase your odds, which is always a good idea.

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Once you have everything you need, the next step is to figure out where to find and fish for snails in New World. Well, as it turns out, there are two really good spots where they’re pretty numerous. Both can be found in the south of First Light. One is on the east side of the large bridge, north of the Saircor POI. The other place to catch a snail in the New World Baited quest is on the other side of the bridge, northwest of the settlement, near Hatchburg Fishery. Find the wharf between two houses, and that’s where the snail fishing spot will be.

new world baited quest how to catch snail
Snail fishing locations

Once you’re in either of these two fishing spots, look for a spot in the water where you see fish jumping out. Take your fishing pole, put the Woodlouse Bait on the hook, and cast the line right into the area where the fish are jumping. Keep fishing until you get as many snails as you need. Keep in mind that other players can exhaust a fishing spot, and the fish replenish every thirty minutes or so.

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    Yeah I’ve been doing this for hours with lucky day and night fishing pole I’m level 25 fishing and I haven’t caught a single snail, it’s absolutely random. My friend caught two of them in his first two minutes of fishing. Also Don’t by them off the market it glitches the quest.

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