New World Petalcap Location - Weakness of the Ego

The New World Weakness of the Ego quest requires you to find three Petalcaps, and the main problem is where to find their locations. As it turns out, the plant that drops the resource, Fronded Petalcaps, grows aplenty in one specific area of the map. It really loves this one region, so much so that it doesn’t seem to grow anywhere else. So, in our Petalcap Location New World – Weakness of the Ego guide, we’ll show you where to find the Fronded Petalcaps.

petalcap location new world weakness of the ego
Petalcap Location New World – Weakness of the Ego

Where to Find Petalcap New World Locations

To find Petalcap locations for the New World Weakness of the Ego quest, you should look for them in wooded areas and grasslands. What you’re looking for are “plants” called Fronded Petalcaps; I put “plants” in quotes because, even though the thing looks 100% like a plant for all intents and purposes, the game technically classifies it as a fungus. What you’re looking for is what looks like a giant houseleek or artichoke with a big, thick stalk in the middle. It does stand out from the environment and isn’t too difficult to spot once you know what you’re looking for.

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Now, as for the exact locations of Fronded Petalcaps, they seem to grow the most in Windsward. Their highest concentration seems to be in the south of the area, around the border with First Light, with some of it even spilling over into the northwest corner of First Light. There are other New World Petalcap locations for Weakness of the Ego to be found around Windsward, including in the northwest, the north, and east of Windsward Settlement. However, you might have a bit more luck finding it further away from the settlement, just because of other players trying to complete the same mission.

where to find petalcap new world locations weakness of the ego quest
Fronded Petalcap locations

New World has launched on September 28th and, at the time of writing, you can only play it on PC, as far as I’m aware. If you need help with something else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other guides. For example, we have articles like How to Upgrade Camp, Camping Not Unlocked – Can’t Make Camp, and How to Hide Helmet.

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