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Opening Supply Lines is a tricky quest in New World, due to the matter of the exact location of Master Henry. You will receive this Opening Supply Lines quest from Barkeep Polly in Everfall. To complete it, you will need to kill 10 Undead in Stonetooth Terrace, along with their leader – Master Henry. However, this seemingly easy quest can be very hard to solve. To help you avoid some frustrating mistakes and common questions associated with this task, we urge you to read our Master Henry Location – Opening Supply Lines guide. Here, we will explain the best way you can tackle this quest.

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Master Henry Location - Opening Supply Lines

Where Is Master Henry

Master Henry can be found on Stonetooth Terrace, directly east from Everfall. The issue here is that – if any other players take out Master Henry before you do, you will need to wait until he respawns again. And this can take quite a while. So, after you have made your way to the docks which we’ve marked in the screenshot below, you may not actually encounter Master Henry there. Someone may have gotten to him before you had the chance to. If that is the case here, the only way you will be to complete this quest is to wait until he respawns again. Be patient and as soon as he respawns – quickly kill him while you have the chance to do so.

After you have killed him and 10 Undead, return to Barkeep Polly in Everfall to claim your reward. She will be very grateful to you for finishing this task and will give you a handsome reward. And there you have it, everything you needed to know about this quest, courtesy of our Master Henry Location – Opening Supply Lines guide. We have more upcoming New World guides, so stay tuned for fresh New World content soon!

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