New World Monstrous Turkey Legs

A special – and very surprising – new boss has recently been added to New World. This new enemy is none other than a fearsome giant turkey that goes by the name of Turkulon, the Feathered Avenger of Death. Despite the jokey nature of its name, this turkey is no slouch when it comes to combat. Defeating it can be very difficult – and we advise you fight it as part of a team of experienced fighters, and not alone – but if you do, chances are high that it will drop the Monstrous Turkey Leg item. In this New World Monstrous Turkey Legs guide, we will tell you all about this item and how you can use it.

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New World Monstrous Turkey Legs

How to Get Monstrous Turkey Legs New World

To be able to get this item, you will first need to defeat Turkulon. Note that the Monstrous Turkey Leg isn’t a guaranteed drop, but the odds of you getting it are pretty high. If you are wondering where you can find Turkulon, we have a guide that details all the locations this giant turkey can appear at. Besides this, the only other way to get it is by buying it off another character.

How to Use Monstrous Turkey Legs New World

When you get the Monstrous Turkey Leg, its description will provide a clue as to what it can be used for. It reads: “The leg of a monstrous, murderous turkey. Its deliciousness has surely been amplified by its size and the rage of the bird it came from. Use this to cook a Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner!” To cook this dish, you will need a Tier 5 Kitchen and the following ingredients: x1 Monstrous Turkey Leg, x5 Potato, x3 Cooking Oil, x1 Parsley, x1 Sage, x1 Rosemary, and x1 Thyme. When you consume it, this dish will increase your Constitution and Luck for 40 minutes. It will also provide health regeneration for that time. The best part of this dish, and what makes it truly legendary, is that it scales to your level. Meaning that, the more powerful you are, the greater the effects of the Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner will be.

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