New World Azoth Staff – Quest Chain

When you want to forge your Azoth Staff in New World, you have a long quest chain to follow.  The quest ‘The First Component’ is the first task in the long journey towards becoming a Soul Warden. With the staff, you can focus the power of your soul. With so many subquests, it is easy to get lost. Read on as we give the quest chain for forging the Azoth Staff in New World.

New World Azoth Staff - Quest Chain
New World Azoth Staff – Quest Chain
  • The First Component
  • The Living Seed
  • Adiana’s Fountain
  • Weakness of the Ego
  • Plans of the Pestilent
  • Natures Gifts
  • Argent and Aether
  • Forge your Azoth Staff

New World Azoth Staff – How to Start Forge Your Azoth Staff Quest

Visit Yonas the Hermit Fisherman in Windsward. Yonas tells you there is a cave in the Northwest where you can find the components to craft a staff. This is Traitors Cave in Monarch’s Bluff. When you enter, you are looking for a runed haft.

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Once you return with it, Yonas gives you the second task. This is to get the element that powers the staff. This item is a Living Seed of the Angry Earth. You must find a woman who can communicate with the earth, and her location is given as Everfall.

Speak with a woman named Adiana Theron. This mistress of the wild needs your help unblocking an Azoth fountain. This brings up the quest ‘Adiana’s Fountain.’ She makes you investigate the Canary Mine. There are several tendrils around it that you will have to defeat. Once defeated, go inside, and take out the Clotted Carapaces.

After this quest, Adiana will give you a new quest titled ‘Weakness of the Ego.’ For this, you need three water, three petal caps and three river cress stems. Visiting an Arcane Repository will let you make three common corruption tinctures. Return to Ariana.

This will unlock the ‘Plans of the Pestilence’ task. Kill the corrupters at Ebonrock Cavern, get the orders and return to her. You can now take part in Natures Gifts and return to Yonas in Windsward.

He will tell you to get silver and forge it at the Amrine Temple. You may have silver in storage, or you can buy it from trading posts. The temple is in Noblereach. Once you defeat the enemy, forge the silver crosspiece, and return to Yonas.

The final quest is ‘Forge your Azoth Staff.’ Travel to the Shattered Obelisk east of Everfall. The staff will then be yours.

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