New World Trial of the Gladiator - Marauder Advancement Gladiator

The New World Trial of the Gladiator is a quest necessary for marauder advancement as a gladiator. In this task, you need to travel to Cutlass Keys, then defeat a lost pirate to prove your strength. Many players are finding a small bug is stopping them from advancing. With patience, it is easy to fix. Read on as we discuss the marauder advancement gladiator bug.

New World Trial of the Gladiator - Marauder Advancement Gladiator
New World Trial of the Gladiator – Marauder Advancement Gladiator

New World Trial of the Gladiator – How to Complete Marauder Advancement Gladiator

The Trial of the Gladiator is a quest in New World. You will find it in Cutlass Keys Hamlet. Speak to the faction leader to claim the task. Your job is to defeat the lost pirate Hamidou to prove your worthiness. Once done, you can progress to the rank of the gladiator.

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When you open your journal, this quest ranks at level 20. However, many people are noting that their faction leaders are telling them they are not ready. This means they cannot advance. Resetting the quest and speaking to faction leaders in other settlements does not solve the problem.

Though the journal says level 20, the reason for this is that the information there is incorrect. You cannot complete the quest until you hit level 24. Once you have reached this, the faction leader will allow you to take part in the necessary challenges.

You will need to travel to Nautilus of Nunez to challenge Hamidou the Lost Pirate. This area is south of Deadman’s Anchor. There are plenty of enemies in the area before you even reach Hamidou, so make sure you stock up. You can run past many of them when you enter the settlement. Once you have beat him, return to Silas. You will gain your rewards and complete the quest.

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