New World Bear Locations - Grizzly Bear

If you are looking for the Grizzly Bear in New World, these bear locations can be hard to find. Dotted around the map, these enemies are also tough customers. Not only do you need to find them, but you also need to prepare. Stock up with a skinning knife so you can harvest the goods from a bear before you set out hunting. Read on as we discuss the locations where you are most likely to bump into a grizzly.

New World Bear Locations - Grizzly Bear
New World Bear Locations – Grizzly Bear

New World Grizzly Bear Locations

Bears aren’t easy to take down. You will need to be around level 25 or 30 to cull grizzly bear. Lodestone Lair near Monarchs Bluff is one of the most accessible areas for bears. The proximity to Monarchs Bluff means you can travel back to the settlement for your crafting projects.

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New World Grizzly Bear Locations
New World Grizzly Bear Locations

Howltower Hollow, between Monarchs Bluff and Everfall, is another location. The bear here is weaker than other ones, around level 15 to 20. This makes it a great choice for your first bear hunt. They will tend to respawn after around five to ten minutes. Luckily, it is near a body of water so you can alternate this with fishing. 

Grayvale in Brightwood is another bear location. They are a higher level but are plentiful and have a high respawn rate. Therefore, if you are attempting to kill five or more bears it is a great location to stock up then go hunting. The Eldritch in Brightwood is also a bear location though with fewer grizzly’s.

Scratchrock Burrow in Windsword is another choice. This is also a low-level bear. It has a respawn rate of around ten minutes. Weavers Fen and Edengrove are two places where you can catch not just bear, but elemental bear. These are much rarer and the only spots to known to have them.

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