New World Fish Oil - How to Get

Knowing how to get New World Fish Oil is a valuable skill. It allows you to craft more advanced recipes. Crucially, you can use it to make cooking oil which is a base ingredient to many foodstuffs. Finding it is easy but does take some patience. Read on as we discuss how to get fish oil in New World.

New World Fish Oil - How to Get
New World Fish Oil – How to Get

How to Get Fish Oil in New World

If you want to know how to get fish oil in New World, you first need to know how to fish. Start by getting a wooden pole. You can craft these at camp, or you can purchase them from merchants in the game. A basic pole will do, but the higher the quality of pole you have, the better chance you will have of catching fish. You should also get some firefly or woodlouse bait to increase your chances when fishing.

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Once you have the pole, head to a body of water. New World gives you a choice of freshwater or saltwater. Pick one that is closest to a settlement. This means you can return to work on your crafting projects with ease.

From here you can start fishing. Fish oil does not always appear, so the more fish you get the more chance you have of claiming the oil. Once you have some fish, head to the inventory.

Hover your cursor over the fish item. You can now choose to salvage the fish you have caught. This will break it down into parts. Most fish break down into fillets for cooking. However, you will get fish oil in certain instances. If not, catch more fish and salvage them until you do.

Fish oil will let you create cooking oil. All you need to do is combine it with nuts at a kitchen crafting station. This will give you access to more advanced recipes. You can also use it in canned fish, salted fish provisions and other food types.

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