New World Squid - Catch and Salvage Hooked Squid

Learning to catch and salvage hooked squid in New World is imperative, as squid can provide ink. You need this for alchemy. The ‘Fish Reagents’ task will be the first time you encounter this. However, squid can be elusive and tough to find. Read on as we discuss where to catch squid in New World and how to salvage them.

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New World Squid - Catch and Salvage Hooked Squid
New World Squid – Catch and Salvage Hooked Squid

Catch and Salvage Hooked Squid for Squid Ink – New World Fish Reagents

One of the fishing quests in New World is the ‘Fish Reagents’ task. In this, you need to claim a New World Hooked Squid and a Barbed Catfish. The squid needs to be salvaged for its ink. Finishing the quest brings you 2120 XP points, 113 gold, a fishing reward box and a territory standing of 250. You need to harvest the ink along with the catfish whiskers and present them to Agarwal in Weavers Fen.

Catch and Salvage Hooked Squid for Squid Ink - New World Fish Reagents
Catch and Salvage Hooked Squid for Squid Ink – New World Fish Reagents

The best new world squid location is in the bodies of water in Greyvale, particularly the lakes. You will need a rod, which you can craft or buy from the merchants in town. The better the quality of the rod, the more chance you will have of hooking a squid. The aged wooden pole is a good choice.

Note that it helps to reset the quest before starting to fish. This can be found in the journal. If you are fishing here and no squid are biting, then hit the reset. As soon as you fish again, you should get more squid on the end of your rod.

Go to one of the locations around the lakes and rivers. You have several bait choices for New World squid fishing, though firefly bait and woodlouse will work as good as anything. Cast out, then wait for a bite. Hopefully, you should soon reel in a squid.

In your inventory, click on the squid you have caught. You can salvage this and break it down into parts. This should give you squid ink as the mission item. To complete the Fish Reagents quest, you then need to get the catfish whiskers.

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  1. D
    delbert geiger

    i have been fishing in said area for days no luck fml

    1. T

      Umm. I don’t know if this was dumb luck or they changed the difficulty for the quest, but I fished right off the dock where the quest is located and caught both in 2 consecutive casts..

  2. P

    i caught the squd and catfish and it counted for my quest and then both immediately vanished from my inventory before i was able to salvage them

    1. E

      It may not show up where all the other fish are in your Inventory. It should be in the Quest Items in the Inventory.

  3. J
    Justin v

    Same with me

  4. M

    i was trying to finish this for days. today i noticed in the journal these was a “reset” button for the quest. i clicked the button and the next 2 things i caught while fishing in grayvale were the catfish and squid

  5. J

    I thought squid was saltwater? I tried that spot and never got squid even with friefly and tier 4 rod. Checked a NW firsh guide and it said squid is saltwater

  6. T

    I got both the Catfish and the Squid from the end of the dock the Quest Giver was on. First 2 casts! Caught catfish, salvaged it; cast again and got squid and salvaged it.

  7. L

    I reset the quest and got both straight away at that location x_x Been trying for so long before all over the map

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