New World Compass Not Working Bug Fix

If the compass is not working in New World, your game becomes much harder and you need a bug fix. The compass is your guide in New World, pointing out quest locations and resources. Without it, you are blind to the environment around you. Many users are reporting that the compass is not working, leading to a severe problem in the game. Read on as we give a bug fix when the New World compass is not working.

New World Compass Not Working Bug Fix
New World Compass Not Working Bug Fix

How to Fix New World Compass Not Working Bug

The compass is essential for tracking and navigating in New World. Even since beta, reports have emerged of it not working. People have reported it occurring after they have joined a group or completed an expedition. In particular, the Amrine Expedition is noted as one that causes many problems. You may want to hold off doing this until the problem gets resolved.

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Your first solution, though not the most ideal, is to restart the game. Say goodbye to the compass bug and hello to long queues. It may be some time before you can even get back into the game.

A second fix is by going to a corruption zone. Enter the zone and hang around for a short time. Leave and it should display a timer. When the five-second timer is up, the UI and compass should be back to normal.

The final solution is to press J and enter your journal. Unmark all your quests, then exit and go to the map. Hover the cursor over one of the yellow quest markers. Activate the quest from this screen.

When you close the map, this should be the active quest. Your compass should be working. Multiple quests can get activated in this way and the compass should work. If they vanish, then redo all the steps above.

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