New World Elemental Heart - How to Get

The Elemental Heart is a crafting item in New World, and how to get your hands on it takes some work. You can use it to craft a wide range of items in the game. The most important of these is the Starstone Orb. Before you can do this, you need to get several motes to create it. Read on as we help you get the Elemental Heart in New World.

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New World Elemental Heart - How to Get
New World Elemental Heart – How to Get

How to Get Elemental Heart New World

The elemental heart is made of pure elemental energy. They are important as they can craft tuning orbs that allow access to different expeditions. These hearts are a rare item in the game.

To craft an elemental heart, you will need the right ingredients. Fifty motes from each main element, fire, earth, water, and air, make up the heart. Fire Motes are one of the hardest to come by on this list. To get them, you will need to harvest Dragonglory plants. Our helpful guide here can help you get hold of them.

Other than this, you will need a stonecutting table. A level of 50 in stonecutting is also required. By crafting one, you will gain +1800 to your stonecutting crafting experience.

You can also get these items from trading posts. Enter the post, then look for the item by clicking on ‘Search Items’. Enter a term for the elemental heart. If another player has placed a sell order, they should be visible on the list. Remember to put them from lowest to highest price.

Once you have the elemental heart you can create many different items. These all require the use of different crafting stations. Everything from furnishings to ammo gets made in this way. One of the most important of these is the Starstone Orb.

Orbs act like keys and help you gain access to certain areas and expeditions in New World. The Starstone Orb gets you into Starstone Barrows. You can read our guide here to help you gain access and craft an orb.

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