How to Get Fire Motes - New World Fire Staff

Fire Motes are an important resource in New World, since it is needed to craft the powerful Fire Staff. However, figuring out how and where to get fire motes is another matter altogether. Other resources such as iron ore or saltpeter can be figured out pretty easily. After all, their names are familiar to us. Fire Motes are certainly not. This is a standard made-up fantasy name that can refer to practically anything. But don’t worry, our How to Get Fire Motes – New World Fire Staff guide will explain where you should look for this material, and what it can be used for.

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How to Get Fire Motes - New World Fire Staff

Where to find Fire Motes – New World

There is only one way you can get Fire Motes in New World, and that is by harvesting Dragonglory plants. This plant has a very distinct look. It looks like a coiled up dragon. You will be able to easily spot it out in the wild thanks to its bright red flower and by the fact that it is constantly spewing flames. To be able to harvest a Dragonglory you will need two things: a sickle, and to be at least Level 30 in Harvesting. If you fulfil these requirements, approach the Dragonglory and interact with it (E on the keyboard by default). You will usually receive anywhere from 6 to 10 Fire Motes this way.

How to Craft Fire Staff in New World

Magical Staffs are the quintessential Mage weapon in just about every RPG, and New World is no different. If you want to play a Mage character, then you will no doubt want to craft a Fire Staff as well. Now that you know how to get Fire Motes in New World, crafting a Fire Staff should be your next step. To do this, you will need to find an Arcana Table in a settlement. It is here that you will be able to craft one, using these materials: x12 Metal Ingots, x8 Wood, and x6 Fire Motes.

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