New World Starstone Tuning Orb - How to Get

How to get the Starstone Tuning Orb in New World takes some work. These orbs allow you access to expeditions and areas in the game. The Starstone Tuning Orb is the key to getting into the Starstone Barrows. You have the option to get it through quests or by crafting. Read on as we discuss how to get the Starstone Tuning Orb in New World.

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New World Starstone Tuning Orb - How to Get
New World Starstone Tuning Orb – How to Get

New World has several areas and expeditions for PvE players to explore. To access them you will first need a tuning orb. These will seldom appear as you adventure but need crafting.

One of the first of the tasks is the Amrine Expedition. It is integral to the game’s story, so you cannot miss out on it. After this, you need to complete the New World Starstone quest. To enter, you will need the Starstone Tuning Orb.

 How to Get Starstone Tuning Orb New World

You have two options when getting the Starstone Tuning Orb. The first is to craft it. You will need to combine ten corrupted fragments, a steel chisel, fifty stone bricks, and an elemental heart in New World. Gathering them requires a decent level, as you can only obtain them once your stonecutting and faction levels have risen. The Starstone Barrows task itself has a level of 35.

This is one orb you can get from quests. You need to start by completing all the tasks in Everfall. Once done, you get a final quest from William Heron at the tavern.

Heron will give you an Amrine Tuning Orb and send you to the Amrine Excavation. Once you complete this quest, Heron will reward you with the Starstone Tuning Orb.

To craft better orbs, you need to up your stonecutting skill. The higher it gets, the better the orb you can get your hands on. Keep in mind that once an expedition activates, the tuning orb is sacrificed. If you are in a party, only one person will need an orb.

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