Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Key - Du or Die Locked Door - Yaran Contraband Chest

The Far Cry 6 Fort Quito key for Du or Die Locked Door and Yaran contraband chest seem like they’re connected, but they’re actually not. You need the key in order to complete the mission, but to get the chest, you actually have to find a way around the locked door. However, both matters are important, and you shouldn’t leave the fort without getting the chest, because it rewards you with a really good pistol. That being the case, we’ll show you where to find the Fort Quito key location and how to get the Yaran contraband chest.

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far cry 6 fort quito key yaran contraband chest
Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Key – Yaran Contraband Chest

Where to Find Fort Quito Far Cry 6 Key Location – Du or Die Locked Door

There are two ways to find the location of the Far Cry 6 Fort Quito key. The first one is to scan the soldiers in the fort until you find the officer. He has a special, yellow military insignia above his head, so you’ll always know where he is. By the way, his name is Cpt. Gabriel Alvarez. Take him out and collect the key. The second method is to head up the stairs across from the armory and go through the door right in front of you. Head into the room on the right and take out one of the soldiers, then pick the key up from the table. Go back to the armory, open it with the key, and collect the uranium. Don’t leave the fort just yet, though.

How to get Fort Quito Yaran Contraband Chest in Far Cry 6

Now that you know where to find the Fort Quito key in Far Cry 6 and how to get the uranium, time to get the Yaran contraband chest. When you exit the armory, head to the left, past the cages, and through the door. Find the hatch in the floor and climb down the ladders, then down to the bottom. Take out the soldier and turn around. You’ll see a large cage, inside which are a bunch of boxes, crates, and the like. The gate is locked, but that’s fine. Go around the cage on the left and break the wooden panels. Loot the whole place, especially the crocodile chest, from which you’ll get the Autocrat pistol. You can get more details about this in our How to Get the Weapon Chest Behind Metal Bars in Fort Quito guide or our video below.

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