New World Server Name

Knowing the server name you are playing on is one of the most important things about any MMO, and New World is no different. However, in New World, this is a bit more complicated than in most other games of this type. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case here, but the most obvious one is that, in New World, servers aren’t called servers, needlessly complicating the situation. If you are struggling with this as well, our New World Server Name guide will explain how to find your server name, as well as list out all the servers that are currently available worldwide.

New World Server Name

How to Find Your Server Name in New World

To find out what your server name is, click the Escape key. This will bring up the game’s menu. Here, in the bottom right corner of the menu screen, you will see World. Your server name is underneath it. The confusion stems from New World calling its servers World (no doubt keeping with the theme of the game’s name) instead of simply servers.

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how to find your server name
How to find your server name.

The List of New World Servers

There are dozens of New World servers. Here is a complete list of all them:

  • NA East: Aarnivalkea, Krocylea, Royllo, Adlivun, Locuta, Ruach, Argadnel, Loloi, Scheria, Atvatabar, Maramma, Sitara, Aztlan, Mictlan, Takamagahara, Babilary, Minda, Themiscyra, Barataria, Moriai, Tlalocan, Calnogor, Morrow, Topan, Cantahar, Norumbega, Tritonis, Dominora, Nunne Chaha, Ute-Yomigo, Duguang, Oceana, Valgrind, Eden, Ogygia Valhalla, Ensipe, Olympus, Vingolf, Falias, Orofena, Xibalba, Frislandia, Orun, and Yaxche. Additionally, Silha is available in both Spanish and English.
  • NA West: Aukumea, Mag Mell, Theleme, Camelot, Mulitefao, Tlillan-Tlapallan, Celadon, Neno Kuni, Uku Pacha, El Dorado, Nidavellir, Vourukasha, Ferri, Plancta, Yggdrasil, Kshira Sagara, Ptolemais, Kronomo, Riallaro, Linnunrata, and Sarragalla. Additionally, Lilliput is available in both Spanish and English.
  • Central Europe: Abaton, Gaunes, Naxos, Vainola, Alastor, Glyn Cagny, Nav, Zerzura, Alfheim, Hades, Niflheim, Amenti, Harmonia, Penglai, Annwyn, Hellheim, Rocabarra, Asgard, Hyperborea, Runeberg, Baltia, Icaria, Saba, Barri, Idavoll, Saena, Bensalem, Inferni, Sanor, Bifrost, Iroko, Slavna, Caer Sidi, Ishtakar, Tanje, Duat, Ketumati, Thule, Ekera, Metsola, Tir Na Nog, Eurytheia, Midgard, Tupia, Fae, Murias, Una-bara, Finias, Muspelheim, Urdarbrunn. Additionally: Albraca, Antillia, Elysium, Ganzir, Ravenal, Silpium, Styx, and Utgard are available in English and German. Bakhu, Ife, Lyonesse, Melinde, and Nysa are available in French and English. Bengodi and Kor are available in Spanish and English. Jotunheim is available in Italian and English.
  • South America: Alatyr, Hubur, Nammu, Albu, Jianmu, Naraka, Apsu, Kigal, Niraya, Arali, Kitezh, Tamag, Aratta, Kukku, Taparloka, Atlantis, Kunlun, Dilmun, Lanka, Dunnu, Liusha , Eugea, and Modun. Additionally, Irkalla, Svarga, and Tuma are available in both Spanish and English.
  • Australia: Adiri, Eridu, Agartha, Hsuan, Baralku, Utopia, Barzakh, Yama, Buzhou, Zara, and Duzakh.
new world servers
New World servers are located under the “World” section.
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