Hide Helmet in New World - Remove Headgear

Hiding your helmet and removing your headgear in New World is possible, but the steps you need to go through aren’t super-clear. If you’re early in the game, odds are pretty low that you’ll know where to find the option, and even later on, you might have missed where it is. So, if you want to go around the game looking like you’re not wearing anything on your noggin, our Hide Helmet in New World – Remove Headgear guide is the right place for you.

hide helmet in new world remove headgear
Hide Helmet in New World – Remove Headgear

How to Hide Helmet in New World – Remove Headgear

To hide your helmet in New World and remove headgear in general, the first step is to open your inventory. Then, mouse over and click your headgear slot. In the little side menu that will appear on the right, select “Change Skin.” In the new popup menu, simply find the “Hide Headgear” option, and boom, that’s how to make your headgear/helmet invisible. Yes, I said invisible, because if you go back into your inventory and check your headgear slot, you’ll see that the item you had equipped before hiding your helmet, you’ll see that it’s still there.

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Now, with all of that said, I do have to concede that this is technically not removing headgear per se, just hiding it. However, it is the next best thing. Besides, why would you even take off your headgear when you can have it so that you keep all the bonuses from the helmet or hat or whatever, while still looking like you’re wearing nothing? But, yeah, that’s how to hide your helmet in New World and remove headgear (kind of) – select your headgear slot, click on “Change Skin,” and then choose “Hide Headgear.” Easy-peasy.

If you have trouble with something else in the game, feel free to peruse our other New World guides. We’ve got articles like How to Claim Pre-Order Bonus and Deluxe Edition, Fast Travel – How to Get Azoth, and Twitch Drops – How to Get Vinespun Weapon Skins. We’ll likely have more to follow, so stay tuned.

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