New World Tuning Orbs - Amrine Expedition Keys

You will need Tuning Orbs in order to embark on Expeditions in New World, and the first of these keys is for the Amrine Expedition. Think of Expeditions as the Dungeon Raids of New World. They are intended for high-level players and the game recommends that you undertake them with a party of five. Though you can also do it solo, if you are powerful enough. The Amrine Expedition is part of the main quest, so you will eventually end up doing it by following the main questline. If you are unclear about Tuning Orbs – especially how to get, craft, and use them – our New World Tuning Orbs – Amrine Expedition Keys guide will answer all of your questions.

New World Tuning Orbs - Amrine Expedition Keys

How to Get Tuning Orbs in New World

There are two ways that you can get Tuning Orbs in the New World MMO. The first of these is that they are sometimes given out as rewards for completing quests. The second of these requires that you craft them yourselves. To do this, you will, of course, need certain resources, and at least Level 25 in the Stonecutting Skill.

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How to Craft Amrine Expedition Keys In New World

To be able to craft an Amrine Tuning Orb that will serve as the Amrine Expedition key, you will need several resources. These are: x50 Stone Block (or x200 Stones), x1 Iron Chisel, x10 Corrupted Slivers, and x1 Eternal Heart. The Eternal Heart requires x50 Death Motes, x50 Life Motes, and x50 Soul Motes to craft. The stones are simple enough to get, since they are all over the map. You can buy the Iron Chisel from the faction shop. The Corrupted Slivers are acquired when you open Major Breach Caches. To get these, you need to close down big Corrupted Portals. This is best done in a group, since closing them is pretty hard.

Motes, including Fire Motes, are harvested from specific plants, and these are scattered all over the map. Once you have all of these materials, go to a Stonecutting Station. Remember that you need to have a minimum of 25 in Stonecutting. First, craft the Eternal Heart. Then, craft the Amrine Tuning Orb as well. Note that you cannot craft more than 5 Amrine Tuning Orbs a week.

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