Agents of Mayhem Trailer Shows Johnny Gat as Magnum PI

Deep Silver and Volition have released trailer for Agents of Mayhem, their upcoming character-switching third person shooter. It shows off some of the vehicles and alternate character skins, including Oleg as Hulk and Johnny Gat as Magnum PI. Just another day in Neo Seoul.

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agents of mayhem johnny gat magnum pi
Johnny Gat as Magnum PI

In case this is your first time hearing about Agents of Mayhem, it’s a third person shooter from the makers of Saints Row. It takes place in an alternate timeline of the same universe, which is why we get to see characters like Johnny Gat and Oleg. You control a team of twelve super agents, gathered to fight an evil mastermind and his ogranization. The game’s main selling point are the agents – they all have different skills, and can be upgraded and customized to fit your needs. You can only take three of them out at a time, switching at will to gain access to different abilities.

This latest trailer is most concerned with showing off the ways you can customize your characters visually, though. You won’t be able to sculp them like you did in Saints Row, but you will be allowed to use some alternative outfits. It seems you’ll also be able to repaint cars, as well. We know some characters will have unique vehicles (like Oleg’s frozen truck), but it seems the other cars in the city will be up for grabs too. And you’ll be able to throw them at groups of LEGION soldiers.

Agents of Mayhem will be released on August 18th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Some of the skins are behind a paywall – as rewards for preordering, getting the deluxe edition and such – so we don’t really know how one would go about getting that Magnum PI costume at this point. It’s probably safe to assume it won’t be free.

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