The Evil Within 2 New Footage Shows Exclusive Gameplay Clips

The Evil Within 2 has new exclusive gameplay footage clips for us. These were shown during the E3 2017 to the Bethesda booth attendees. The footage shows three in-game locations through four brief gameplay sessions.

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The Evil Within 2 New Footage Shows Exclusive Gameplay Clips
The Evil Within 2 New Footage Shows Exclusive Gameplay Clips

You can find all four clips on the official Bethesda news article about game’s E3 2017 Experience.

The first clip (or picture), which is shown above, where Sebastian is breaking through the window, is the most emotional one. Why is that, one may wonder? If you are familiar with the Evil Within 2 story so far, Castellanos is back in the STEM world. This is not something he wanted, but he finds out that he is given a chance to save his daughter. If you are interested in more, we’ve made a list of the known story details so far.

Now, you can clearly see that Sebastian is wearing different clothing than the one we’ve seen him in the previous The Evil Within 2 footage. If we were to guess, and I hope we are somehow wrong, we’d say that this is the scene that explains the events of the alleged death of his daughter Lily. The breaking through the window section is clearly part of a cutscene, but it continues with gameplay as he enters the house.

This event happens before the first Evil Within, when Lily was five years old. We’re guessing that we’ll be dragged into this memory just so we can emotionally understand the motives behind Sebastian’s actions. And one more proof for our claim is that Sebastian looks younger here. The shaved beard took off a lot of years, and the darker hair also seems to indicate his younger age. It will be really interesting to see how this section plays out. Will it be close to the start of the game or the end? How long will it last?

The next scenes show us that a lot of sneaking will be necessary in this sequel. The places shown here probably resemble some of the houses in the STEM city, called Union. In the one that looks like an art room, we witness a scene of murder. The person in the black suit is clearly more dangerous that the rest of the world, as Castellanos is forced to hide from him. What is interesting about him is that he has a communicator device, the same one that also helps Sebastian talk to the outside world and his former partner Kidman. Is he one of the creatures from the STEM world, one that controls some part of it better than the others? It remains to be answered in the future updates, but he clearly reminds us of Stefano the flashy photographer, shown in the first trailer.

The Evil Within 2 will come out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Friday the 13 in October. It was announced by Bethesda during this year’s E3, with one of the most breathtaking trailers.

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