PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds New Patch Information

Everybody has heard about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegounds by now, the game is the current Early Access darling and has been garnering quite a lot of good press, despite the recent kerfuffle about introducing loot boxes into the game.

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What? You try finding something in this dusty wilderness!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will get a patch early this week. Seeing it’s Monday right now, that means really soon. The PUBG team announced the patch via Facebook and Twitter saying the test servers will be up “early next week,” for at least two days.

The patch isn’t introducing big changes, but some new features are quite welcome. The new weapon, Ruger mini-14 5.56 will be available as a map pickup, meaning it won’t be crate-only goodie. Acording to Bluehole, the semiautomatic “will be available all over the island of Erangel.”

Another new feature is the foggy weather and Bluehole have released screenshots, showcasing how this will affect the gameplay. The fog definitely creates the spooky vibe and creates a nice, different atmosphere. While it technically is just the old game’s map with some nice weather effects, the reduced visibility should encourage players to use engage in close quarters combat as opposed to sniping that is popular at the moment.

The last, but definitely not least addition is the new desert map, which should be as large as Erangel, the current game map. The new desert environment is a nice refreshment from the Eastern-Europe inspired original map. The team was tempted to make the map much smaller, but since it would have lacked the exploratory aspect that was so popular they still decided on the full sized 8×8 km map.

Some of the mod’s fans are miffed because these changes are being introduced before the vaulting mechanic, which was highly anticipated as it should significantly impact the gameplay.