Thus Spoke Batman: WB has no intention to continue the Arkham Series

Kevin Conroy had some rather disappointing news about the future of Warner Bros’ Arkham series. In a recent Wizard World Nashville Q&A, he stated that Rocksteady and WB don’t have any plans for future installments of the game. When he was asked if the publisher planned more games the series, he expressed his dismay at the fact no further titles were in the pipeline, or even considered. “You know, I can’t believe that they’re not going to do another one, but they’re not,” the voice of batman said.

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Kevin Conroy has been the voice of Batman throughout the games and the animated series.

While the series’ story ended in the latest (and almost universally panned due to a plethora of bugs) installment, Arkham Knight, the Batman’s corner of DC universe surely has more interesting stories that can be told. Not to mention the possibility of prequels or games that focus on other characters from the Bat-family. Even alternate universes have potential as do games set in the future with different people donning the cowl (think Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond).

While you’d think Conroy, being the most iconic voice actor to lend his voice to the caped crusader, would have insider info about the future of Batman games, this is not necessarily the case. Arkham Origins had a different voice actor and there’s always the possibility that the studio and/or the developer will simply change their minds. After spending so long working on Arkham titles, it’s quite possible Rocksteady devs need a break and want to explore something different, and given the acclaim the games developed by Rocksteady received, it’s highly unlikely WB will entrust the series to another developer.