Battletech Bound To Arrive in April, Has a New Trailer

Battletech, the upcoming turn based tactics game about giant robots and mercenaries, is going to be released at some point in April. It’s coming to all the usual platforms – Steam, GOG, Humble – as well as the Paradox website. It’s being developed by Harebrained Schemes, the people behind the pretty great Shadowrun Returns and its sequels, as well as the underwhelming Necropolis. There’s a new trailer for it, and you can already preorder, but you surely won’t do that, because you’re a sensible person.

battletech coming in april
Battletech Bound To Arrive in April, Has a New Trailer

Mind you, those aren’t just any giant robots – they’re mechs from the revered MechWarrior universe, licence and all. If you’re into biffing giant, hulking scraps of metal while stepping on buildings like they’re cardboard boxes, this will probably be right up your alley. Even more so if you know all the FASA mech codenames by heart.

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The developers have published a new trailer to go along with the announcement, and it’s supposed to explain the combat a ibt, along with the systems that surround it. Frankly, I found it to be a bit boring. If you’re not completely out of the loop on both turn based tactics games and the MechWarrior universe, you’re probably going to find it a bit underwhelming as well. Of course there are a multitude of mechs with different abilities. Of course you’re going to tailor your team according to your preferences. Of course there is location-based damage. It’s all pretty obvious stuff for anyone who’s played a TBS game in the last decade or so.

The video is the first in a three-part series, so let us hope the other two are a bit more substantial. Although, since “basics” seems to be the theme, we wouldn’t hold our collective breath. We’ll keep you posted either way.

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