Bioware general manager teases Project Dylan at E3

Bioware has been in a bit of a bind recently, with the critical reception (and purchases) for Mass Effect Andromeda hitting some very low notes. Truth be told, it was Bioware Montreal who was working on Andromeda, currently working on update 1.8 for the game. The main studio was working on something new – with the mysterious code name – Dylan.

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Why Dylan? Because the developers said that it will be “Bob Dylan of games”, i.e. having the same impact on gaming that the great musician had on music. A little ambitious, don’t you think? BioWare Edmonton has been working on this for a while now and it might be time for a little show-off on E3, if we’re to read into the above tweet by Aaryn Flynn, who is the general manager.

If we are to believe Jason Schreiher’s recent bombshell of an article regarding his research into what went wrong with Andromeda, it was the executive producer of ME 1 to 3, Casey Hundson, who started a new team to work on this brand new IP. Their initial idea was to make a title that would be referenced for years to come. Now, there is some info which talks about this game being EA’s answer to the big hits of recent years, Destiny and The Division, games which share some MMO characteristics, while at the same time offering a platform for gamers to go back to constantly.

On the other hand, it does not seem that a title that would in any way mimic the style of existing juggernauts would really be that interesting and groundbreaking as to justify the codename “Dylan”. It will be interesting to check out EA’s conference tomorrow at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT/7pm GMT.