EA E3 conference overview – Project Dylan revealed…a little

EA conference went as well as could have been expected. Not too surprising, a bit too “iconic” and “gamechanging” in tone, but overall it did bring about some interesting titles, as well as a bunch of their mainstays.

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Fifa 18 is there, as may well have been expected, with new animations and signature moves. It is also “fueled by Ronaldo”, whatever that might mean. The story mode is old news for Fifa, but for Madden 18, it is breaking new ground. NBA Live has been living in the shadow of its rival, NBA 2K series, and the new edition is supposed to combine street ball with NBA tournaments.

Quick overview of sequels shows Star Wars Battlefront II has, looking beautiful as always, this time bringing a single player mode to the game as well, which was a big bone of contention with the fans last year. Battlefield 1 will be getting the night mode and the In the name of the Tsar expansion. Need For Speed will be going even more Fast and Furious this year.

One of the two new titles presented was A Way Out, a co-op prison break game by the developers behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Those who remember that lovely game will also recall that you had to control two characters simultaneously to progress through the game, this time around you will not have that option – it is co-op only. An interesting choice, but split screen titles are rare, especially those built from ground up to support it.

And finally, Project Dylan has been presented in a short teaser trailer – and it is to be referred to as Anthem from now on. We are expecting many more details on today’s Microsoft Xbox conference regarding at, as there should be a gameplay trailer involved. This is a game that main Bioware studio has been working on for approximately as long as the new Mass Effect title. Hopefully, with less hitches.