Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets a New Patch and a New Mode Called Cranked

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched with lots of success and the launch is followed by a slew of patches. The latest update fixes a number of issues but more importantly, adds new content. We received three new multiplayer maps: Vacant, Shipment, and Winter Docks. Winter Docks is a Gunfight map and is basically a holiday-themed version of the Docks map. The other two maps are reimagined maps from the original Modern Warfare. Vacant is available for all core modes while Shipment can be also played in the Gunfight mode. The most important part of the new update is a completely new game mode called Cranked.

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Modern Warfare Cranked Mode

New Modern Warfare Multiplayer Mode Explained

Now, Cranked isn’t exactly new. The mode was featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The mode came at a perfect time to disrupt the current camping meta with its explosive action. And we literally mean that. In Cranked, players have to move all the time and to nail kills, fast. In case they fail at either task well, they explode in a spectacular fashion. The mode is excellent for all run & gun lovers because there aren’t campers here.

Once the match starts, everyone has 30 seconds to get a kill. Failure means an explosion. Each kill doubles the points you receive. This is just what Modern Warfare needed and we hope that now players will hop into Cranked for some old-school run & gun action.

Finally, below you can find details about the latest Modern Warfare patch:

  • While using keyboard and mouse, an error could occur while right clicking on a player that is not on your friends list
  • Improvements to player collision near walls
  • Fix for a bug where players who received the Juggernaut suit from a Care Package would have two Juggernaut suits available instead of one
  • A few additional exploit fixes
  • Winter Docks, Gunfight: Fix for a bug where snowballs thrown into the air would explode before making contact with any other surface