Carrion Gets Animated Launch Trailer, Showing Off the Chaos

Carrion, the pixel-art, reverse-horror metroidvania by Phobia Studios, is now out on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam and GOG). To celebrate the occasion, publisher Devolver Digital revealed an animated launch trailer. While it certainly doesn’t look like the game, it definitely depicts the dread and sheer mayhem perfectly. It’s kinda like an animated, short adaptation of The Thing.

carrion gets animated launch trailer showing off the chaos
Carrion Gets Animated Launch Trailer, Showing Off the Chaos

For those of you out of the loop, let’s get you up to speed real quick. The basic premise is, you’re a disgusting monster that breaks out of its containment in a research lab. Your only goal is to break out. Naturally, there will be tons of humans with flamethrowers, drones and mechs trying to stop you. There are also puzzles that you’ll have to solve by morphing your disgusting body, using tentacles to grab onto stuff, etc.

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That is just the surface of Carrion. The gameplay is actually deeper than that. As you devour your way through the compound, you can grow in size and get various new abilities. However, being huge is not always to your advantage, so you will sometimes have to shed your mass to progress. Luckily, you can always repair yourself at nests that you make along the way, which also serve as save points. Oh, and there are also sections that are from the perspective of scientists, that give a bit of backstory.

So, there you have it, that’s Carrion in a nutshell. The game is as we’ve said, available on PC, the Switch, and Xbox One. Across all platforms, it costs $20, which is more than reasonable for a power fantasy like this. Who doesn’t want to, for a little bit, experience what it would be like to be an apex, alien predator, like the Thing or a shoggoth?

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